Friday, April 27, 2012

Lilith Love

I love Lilith. Lilith and I met in 2001. Funny story about that... and thankfully first impressions aren't everything.

I taught her Composition I class in college and I introduced myself to the class and about 3 minutes in on the first day I discovered I needed copies. I was really nervous and embarrassed and in high heels. So to hurry, I kicked the shoes off and RAN from the room to make copies. I just ran out telling them I needed copies and left, in my stocking feet, high heels on the classroom floor. I think the whole class wasn't sure what to think of their weird teacher. Later, Lilith said she thought I was "on crack"- I think I was a little more high strung (I like to think of myself as energetic) than the teachers they were used to having.

After that sterling intro, during the course of the class, she wrote a paper and it earned an F. I "gave" her the first and only F she ever received on an assignment. Yeah.....

And then there was that one time we were both into the same guy. Yeah....

After being her teacher, I was able to be her friend, in spite of being on "crack" (haha- not really!), giving her an F, a guy thing, and being shoe-less.

She is someone that I've had ups and downs with and she and I always come out on the other side. Regardless of our differences, we still are friends. Even if she and I don't talk for months, we pick up like I saw her yesterday.

No matter what, she listens to me. She is willing to give me sympathy and tears but she also knows me well enough when to say "enough is enough, suck it up." And even though at the time I might not like that, I still love her for knowing when I need love and tough love. I swear she should be a therapist. She's a great listener and she gives very well thought out advice and opinions.

And she's smart and knows stuff and teaches me stuff. She's a good mom.

If I died she's my Fort Knox; she knows all the secrets and can dole them out.

She's also not afraid to voice her opinion so I love having her on my side. She's no nonsense but never afraid to be silly.

I covet her purse collection.

She's willing to tray anything at least once so we can hang out, talk for hours, laugh, drink coffee, shop, paint pottery or even take dance lessons if we wanted because she's be the one to give it a try.

I'm blessed to know her and to call her friend!

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Lilith said...

It was actually Comp 2 and the year was 2002. Everything else is spot on.

Yes, I told the whole class our teacher was on crack! LOL