Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's wrong with me?

I think I've gone soft in my old age.

Yesterday a kid muttered the word "hell" and I gave him a warning. He later made a gesture like he was smoking a joint and I told him it wasn't appropriate. He backed talked to me and I told him to be respectful. Finally when he dropped the F-Bomb, did I yell at him and subtracted a third of his daily behavior points.

And I didn't care.

And I'm not even on medication.



Curley said...

Maybe it's because you know this job is just temporary, or it's because you feel sorry for the kids because of the situations that got some of them there in the first place.

Lisa said...

Hey 3 strikes and you are OUT! REALLY!! these kids have no clue what respect is about for themselves or for others and it is sad. At least you try, I work on the kids in my family but I guess I have given up on the rest. He is testing you too, that age and new teacher, Don't let up on him, he needs to know you are totally aware of what he is doing. I was just never that kind of kid and still don't get it but I guess some need to know there is someone in charge that can handle things. Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)
Hugs, Lisa

Mellodee said...

Sometimes kids will just push you to the wall. It's hard to know when to push back. I'm so glad I never went into teaching as I was planning a billion years ago. I would surely have dumped some kid off a pier by now....and an orange jump suit is just not a good look for me!

Teachers are saints as far as I can tell!