Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall Sports

Mac is, as we say in these parts, big enough to beat a bear with a stick. He's almost 6 foot tall and weighs close to 280 lbs. He's broad and big. He's huge. He's not really fat, a bit soft in the middle, but just a BIG boy. The football coaches drool over him. They crave him. They beg him to play. He would be a perfect... well anything but quarterback or kicker guy. He's just perfect football material, stature-wise.

My heart was in my throat when he came home and said he wanted to play. He's never played with the pigskin other than for fun and messing around. To have him attend 2 a days, play in games, and be tackled by other guys as big, or bigger, than him terrified me. I sort of hoped when he went for his physical his doc would tell him he couldn't play because of something. Not something life threatening or fatal but something. But he passed with medical physical with flying colors. Great.

Then one day, about 2 weeks before football practice started, he came home and said he wasn't going to play. In my head I was jumping up and down for joy. Outwardly, I played it cool. I told him that was too bad but I would support his choices. I told him I was his mom and I wanted him to do anything that would make him happy and I would come and support him, but if this wasn't something he wanted to do, I supported that as well, and it was good to not play if he wasn't sure. I told him I would support any of his activities; I was dreamily thinking of marching band, honors choir and drama club. I told him it would make for a quieter fall for him if he didn't play f-ball.

"Oh but mom, I'm gonna do a different sport," Mac said, pouring a glass of oj. In about 10 seconds I immediately mentally flipped through cross country, knowing there was no way he would run any distance unless there was money at the end of the trip. Girl's volleyball- ummmm, nope. So what was left?

"Mon, I'm gonna be a lifter for the cheer squad."

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my son is a cheerleader.

Maybe football wasn't so bad after all,


Curley said...

I think it's a great choice. He will be getting physical exercise every day. Not to mention all the cute girls he gets to touch. Sorry mom, didn't mean to put that mental image in your head.

Jimmie Earl said...

Three Cheers for Mac!

Rah! Rah!Rah!

At least he's doing something, getting out of the house, and being with friends. It could be a whole lot worse.


Bragger said...

In our county some of the most macho guys clamor to be on the competitive cheerleading squad. It may have something to do with looking up cheerleaders' skirts, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

hey just catching up .. my highspeed is back.. missed ya