Monday, August 16, 2010

ADHD in writing

  • The heat makes my fingers and toes swell and I can feel them being all tight and puffy.
  • I am not going to assign personal journal topics again because now I want to bring Alcatraz kids home with me. As Daddy-O reminded me, they are not puppies and kittens and I can't bring home the strays.
  • I can't get my mind settled to read for pleasure. That scares me. I've been reading with a tenaciousness like no other for about 39 years. I need books like I need air and now I can't seem to find anything that holds my attention. Not good.
  • I had a kid REQUEST a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank because he heard it was good and wanted to read it. He asked if he could borrow a copy from me since our school library doesn't have one. I told him sure and I got him a copy that I'll bring to school tomorrow- it's his to keep.
  • ITSam is bald. Big deal. But why does he spend time outside and NOT wear a hat and then get all sunburned? I don't understand men.
  • Mac is taking sociology and now he knows everything. This is going to be the semester where I learn about how crappy of a parent I am. Geez.
  • I am so sick and tired of the hot weather. SICK AND TIRED. On the list of "places I want to live in my lifetime" was Savannah or Charleston and New Orleans. They're all officially crossed off the list. I hate the heat and never want to see over 90 degrees again. I hate hate hate this weather.
  • Last night at dinner Mac said Daddy-O was laughing at the movie Black Sheep. Other than wondering what in the hell Daddy-O was doing watching that dreck, my first thought was "I like the movie The Pineapple Express. I'm not a movie snob." Now you might want to know how I went from Black Sheep to Pineapple Express. Here's a peek inside my head: The kids I taught in the Wild West always said Mac looked like Chris Farley who was in Black Sheep. But then Mac grew a beard and the kids said he looked like Seth Rogan who starred in the movie Pineapple Express. Yeah... hence the title of this post.
  • Someone once said a compromise is when no one gets what they want. I hate compromising; I'm beginning to agree with that statement. Maybe I'm better off single.


Lilith said...

"ITSam is bald. Big deal. But why does he spend time outside and NOT wear a hat and then get all sunburned? I don't understand men."

My hubby is the same way! Or he'll wear a ball cap and then have a half circle sunburn mark on his head for a week! lol

Maggie said...

Lilith- me saying this in my appalled voice: "OMG- you're kidding? Maybe the sunburn isn't so bad?"

Jimmie Earl said...

Hmmmmmm! Do I detect a "change of heart" here?

Curley said...

On the good side the wheather is supposed to be better at least for the beginning of the week. Less humitity. Please remind ITSam about skin cancer. My guy always wears a hat, but then wears shorts and no sun screen even tho I do remind him to. MEN!!!

Evil Pixie said...

Compromise is when no one gets what they want. I say that all the time to my consulting clients (at least when I was consulting) and to people who attend my seminars and workshops. It isn't a win-win but rather a total lose-lose. I don't compromise. Instead, I approach things differently so we both get what we want.

PS. I cannot agree more with the stuff about the heat. It totally sucks.

PSS. Just wait until Mac takes psychology... He'll be psychoanalyzing you, your childhood, and everything and anything that is a "hot button" for you. Very annoying. :)

Lilith said...

Better to have the whole head sunburned than the half circle. Especially if he's not paying attention and wears the hat backwards. Which means the semi-circle ends up on the forehead! LOL

Maggie said...

JE- nah just a bunch of whining

Curley- the weather today was GOOD. And men... geez.

Evil P- I've always told Mac that all the "bad" or "embarrassing" stuff I did to him during childhood was just me making sure he had plenty to talk about when he went to therapy. ;)

Lilith- Oh. My. God....... LMAO!