Sunday, August 29, 2010

Job stuff

So when we last left our heroine, she was filling a maternity leave for an English teacher at Alcatraz prison school. She was battling good and evil in the classroom daily. She had no health insurance. But she always searched for the silver lining, keeping that wonderful stiff upper lip.

Then eureka, the heroine of this tale was offered a job so when the maternity leave was finished on Sept. 22 she had a job- she's going to be a special education aide in a junior high school- not the same one as last year, but same 'concept.' The pay sucked and there were no benefits but it was a job. The heroine knew beggars can't be choosers in their economic climate, so she accepted the position. She was now able to calm down that she had a job with a mediocre pay check until Aug, 15, 2011.

But then, tragedy struck. The woman who was having her maternity leave filled changed the rules. She decides to stay home with her new baby until thanksgiving. Now what's to happen?

The principal of the school come to the heroine and asks her if she can stay until Nov. 22. He spoke with her new school and they said it would be fine and they would hold the job for 7 more weeks. But the evil queen, also known as the Superintendent of schools, said the heroine can't stay because she doesn't have a teaching license even though she's taught for 10 plus years. The Evil Superintendent also said the heroine wasn't capable nor allowed to issue quarter grades to students due to the licensing issue.

Now the students in Alcatraz are going to have three English teachers in a three month period and the heroine can't save the day. She can't stay as a teacher even though she wants to do so and is good at it.

Heroine of the story,


Lilith said...

Why can't they get you emergency licensing?

These kids have enough crap changing in their lives, why doesn't the evil bitch think about that?!?!?!

Wiley said...

That blows. Where's the knight in shining armour riding in to slay the evil superintendent dragon??
BUT you do have a job, so all is not lost.
Long live the heroine!

Bragger said...

I hate rules and bureaucracy, especially when they DON'T MAKE SENSE!

Mellodee said...

Maybe the heroine's fairy Godmother will wave a wand and bestow a license??!! Or perhaps heroine needs to find out when next licensing exam is and sign up. They might let her continue to teach while exam is pending. Or if heroine is licensed in another state, what about reciprocity? There's a solution out there somewhere!!

There aren't enough good teachers around for them to be so cavalier. They should be trying to help you find a way! Bureaucrats!!

Maggie said...

Lilith- I guess that in this state they won't emergency cert. a person unless they have a reciprocal license from another state.

Wiley- I've decided women have to be their own "knight's in shining armor" ya know? The heroine is waiting to see if her knight comes in the shape and form of her principal, who's slaying as many dragons as possible to find a way.

But you're right- thank god I have a job at all.

Bragger- I'm not a fan of bureaucracy.

Mellodee- I think my wand is broken...

Jimmie Earl said...

When I write my blog entitled "10 Things that Piss Me Off," Educational bureaucracy is going to be the #1 entry. I know an English teacher that is allowed in a classroom even though I know she isn't a good teacher. You are an excellent teacher, have the kids eating out of your hand, yet the Admin. just doesn't "get" it. We'll home the knight in shining armor gets the job done.