Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gratuitous Product Placement

Okay I live 20 minutes from a Goodrich Quality Theater and an AMC Theater, which used to be a Kerasotes. The Goodrich gets my business now. As you all know I'm a huge lover of films (I even have a movie blog!) so this is important to me!

I was a die hard fan of the Kerasotes but since AMC bought them out, the prices- ticket and concession- have sky rocketed and the service sucks. The only thing I like about them now is the way the stadium seating is arranged, and they're about 7 minutes from a Starbucks. Which is something I like more about the town, rather than the theater but still..

I started going to the Goodrich theater when AMC bought out Kerasotes and I am IMPRESSED! First, ticket prices are very reasonable. All student tickets are $5- elementary through college, regardless of age. They do a special that any show on between 4-6 pm is $4 on Monday thru Thursdays for all people. Regular ticket prices are $6.50. All matinees are $5. And they now have a 3D screen!!! The theater I go to is extremely clean and neat. The staff is wonderful and friendly.

The other cool thing about Goodrich is the Frequent Movie Goer Club. I went online and signed up and got a card in the mail a week later. Each time I go to the theater they scan my card and I earn a point per ticket I purchase. Then the points can be redeemed at the concession stand. Three points gets a free 20 ounce beverage, with free refills. Six points get a free popcorn and 20 ounce beverage. And if I don't have enough points to get free stuff, then I get a flat discount rate. A large popcorn and a large soda will only cost me $4 if I use my card, even if I have zero points. So- affordable concessions!!!

Last week at Goodrich, ITSam, Jack, Mac and I went to see a movie and got ticks and food for all over us for $25. One night we wanted to see a movie that wasn't at Goodrich and went to AMC. Mac, ITSam and I paid $19 for tickets!!! If we got popcorn and 2 drinks, the smallest combo, was going to be another $12. Ummm, never again.

I just love going to the movies and I'm thrilled that Goodrich, who has a wonderful user friendly website (as opposed to sucky AMC) will cater to those like me who love to see a movie in the theater and give me a cost break. I go about each week and this is awesome.

Back during the depression, when every business was going belly up and people couldn't afford food, the movie industry was flourishing. People wanted to get away from their dull, sad and dreary depressing lives and they went to the movies for a few hours of escapism. With our current economy, it seems like Goodrich has its head on right and is providing high quality entertainment at an affordable price.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program...


Bragger said...

We rarely see a movie in the theater, mainly because of the expense. But the nearest theater in any direction is also at least 30 minutes, so it's not something we do on the spur of the moment.

Mellodee said...

The skyrocketing price of tickets and concessions is one of the reasons we don't go to movies much anymore. We only go if it's something truly special. (For instance, the last movie I saw in the theatre was "Julie & Julia"! Before that it was "Mama Mia"! I really like Meryl Streep!)

I don't recall hearing anything about Goodrich theaters. I don't know if they exist in Austin. But I'm going to find out!

Curley said...

I have been there a few times and always thought it a nice place and the prices were good. Give me a call sometime and we'll go.