Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 1 with the kids

Whew! Wow! It was a great day but it was certainly a long one. I was up early and at school by 7am. Then we had a convocation where the principal went over all the new rules and the old. That took almost a full 90 minutes. We started classes late, of course, so that shorted up what I wanted to accomplish on my agenda. After all the rules for the school I so did NOT want to go over my classroom rules but I was stuck with no other alternative. So... first period I trudged onward and did the rules. They were still in mode from the convo so it was good.

I ADORE my second period class already. So funny and talkative. What a grand group. By the time we did the get to know you activity there wasn't time to do my rules.

Then the rest of the day went from there. I can already tell that 2nd period freshmen and 6th period juniors are going to be awesome! As for my other three classes... well, the jury is still out. So we shall see.

But, the kids were most excellent, and polite and funny and sweet. (Maybe I should learn some comma usage...) Bunches were glad to see me. And I have actually have girls. All summer my classes were separated by gender so I had 8 classes of boys that spanned the summer. Now I have girls and boys all mixed together. Should prove to be interesting.

I liked it and it was a good first day. If today is an indicator, then it should be, overall, a positive 6 weeks. Just... cross your fingers!


(Okay, and it didn't hurt anything that ITSam packed a picnic lunch and came to eat with me in my classroom... it was about 103 degrees today- waaaay too hot to be outside! A carpet picnic is nice, though!)


Curley said...

I knew it would be good. It's you after all. Just first day jitters. I am glad that everything went good. The six week will fly by. Carpet picnic sounds real nice.

Maggie said...

Curley- Thanks. It was really nice today. And the vomiting feeling went away in the middle of 6th period!

Bragger said...

I always lose sleep the night before the first day, even after all these years. It's never as bad as I think it's going to be, and I wish we could just skip the first day and get into the swing of things! Have a happy year....and good luck on the bazillion jobs you've applied for.

Evil Pixie said...

I knew you'd have a good day. :)

PS. Love the carpet picnic.