Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lost and still lost

I hate it when I do stupid things that aren't funny. I'm not usually happy when I do stupid things at all but when I do something in which there is no humor whatsoever, then I get MAD at myself. Yesterday was one of those things.

I lost $20. I wasn't even gambling or spent it stupidly. No, I physically lost the money. As in it fell out of my pocket and is forever lost in the stratosphere. Damn myself.

I got money out of my stash (I never carry much with me because I don't have much and because I'll spend it if I do.) and put it in my pocket. As I did it I thought about how shallow my pockets were and I should actually put it in my purse. But then Mac and Daddy-O and I all got involved in stuff and I just forgot.

Mac and I ran two errands and then pulled into the hotdog stand for lunch. We ordered and off the carhop went to place our order and I reached for the 20 bucks in my pocket and it was gone. So of course I go through all my pockets, search the car, go through my purse. Mac goes through my purse a second time while I search my pockets AGAIN. Like checking them for the 3rd time is going to make a 20 dollar bill appear. So I tell the waitress to cancel our order and that I'm sorry.

Mac and I then go back to the 2 places where I had gotten out of the car on the off chance that MAYBE we could just be lucky and find the $20 laying somewhere. It wasn't. We called Daddy-O to check the house all over and he didn't find it. We did the car/ pockets/ purse thing again. We asked people at the places where I was (2 places- 2 parking lots, 1 school lobby, and one office lobby) if anyone turned in $20 and of course NOT. We checked everywhere.

When I got home, Daddy-O helped me look in the car again, I went through my pockets and purse and wallet yet again, I searched the house again and still no money.

Even hours later, like last night, I was still checking my pockets and purse and car hoping it would magically appear. No such magic.

I managed to lose $20. I don't HAVE $20 to lose. It sucks. This is not my week, I tell ya. I hope whoever found it really, really needed the money. Bastards.

Broke as a joke,


sam said...

Hi Maggie,

Well chica, we both lost $20 this week. I was buying stuff at a thrift store about an hour ago, gave her a $20 and she preceded to tell me it was counterfeit.

I am not happy.

Curley said...

I am sorry you are having such a hard time lately. You should come see me.

Lisa said...

I hate that! I lost $10 once, got it as cash back and it was all I had left! Stinks. Still after 5 years irks me!! SO sorry, I know you are so bummed and I get the re looking for days! I so do that!!! Hope it turns up!
Hugs, Lisa

sam said...

I took the bill to the was real.


Bragger said...

Maybe that means you will FIND $100.

Maggie said...

sam- Im so glad it turned out to not be counterfeit. what's up with the thrift store worker? That's weird...

Lisa- I know what you mean. That I had $30 to my name from now until Aug 13.

Bragger- that would be awesome....!

Dogmom Diva said...

Well Maggie, that just SUCKS. BAD. I have done that too..we are on such a fixed no income here that would be a tragedy in our house too. You will be ok, and I do hope whoever found it really needed it.

Hang in there girlfriend it happens to all of us!!