Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 Interviews, 3 jobs, Maggie's head explodes

I have two job interviews today. I had one this morning and another yet this afternoon.

This morning, I had an interview with a program that oversees all the special education kids in the county. They work with the school corporations to make sure all services are being provided to the kids. They also hire some teachers and some aides and assign them to classes at certain schools. This is the place I worked for last school year who assigned me to the middle school.

I had two things happen at this interview. One, I was offered a job because I was, technically, still employed with them. The other thing that happened is that a different local school corporation has a job opening so they interviewed me. This all makes complete sense, right?

The job I interviewed for is to be an aide in a different middle school. I would be working with 7 and 8 grade kids in math and English. I'll know tomorrow if I'm offered this position. The pay for this is about $1.50 less than what I make now and the insurance SUCKS! This job would be for the entire 2010-2011 school year.

If I don't get the middle school aide job, I do have a fall back. I have a job. As an aide to a blind second grader. I would spend all day in second grade with this child. The insurance SUCKS but it's a continuation of what I make right now, money wise. This is also a full school year position.

So, tomorrow I'll get a phone call and be told I have a choice between the two, or that I can have the blind child job.

Let's throw this in the mix as well. I have a job interview today at Alcatraz. I'm interviewing to fill a maternity leave for an English teacher. It could be 6 or 9 weeks; they aren't even sure yet. But regardless, it's temporary but it would be teaching, and it would be all me teaching in my own room. At teacher pay. But temporary. (the science thing is a no go for two reasons. 1- I don't have enough science credits to get an emergency certification for that. 2- I don't have a teaching license here in this state so they can't get me a waiver to teach it.)

The English teacher interview is this afternoon at 3:15pm. Guess I'll know more then.

Temporary jobs? Less pay? Second grade, seriously, second grade? Crappy benefits?

My head hurts,

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Curley said...

Hard choices all. Sorry the Science teacher didn't work out. I know you were leaning in that direction. Good luck with the decision.