Monday, August 23, 2010

A picture doesn't always say a thousand words but...

I have a picture of ITSam and Jack hanging in my classroom. Well, I have a whole host of pictures: Jack and ITSam, Mac, Daddy-O and mom, the Divine Ms. K, Fab Finn, XRay Girl and Me, Curley and Me, Gulo and Me, Lilith and Me... so I have a bunch of personal photos on a shelf above my desk.

The students were looking at them and one asked me if "that guy" was my dad. And I said yes and went on to explain that I took that photo a few Christmases ago; hence the Santa hat. And the kid looked again and said, "Oh the guy in the Santa hat is your dad? I thought the bald guy in the striped shirt was your dad."

The "bald guy" in reference here was actually ITSam. Oooops.

The kid said I look like I'm about 28 years old and Sam looks like he's about 60. Most of the rest of the class agreed.

I giggled. I shared the story with Sam later. Funny enough, he didn't see the humor in it.



Curley said...

Oops. Just tell him that kids think bald guys are old. And no way does he look 60. Not even close.

Shan said...

HA!! I was just saying that all the guys from my highschool that befriend me on fb look like older people and if I recognize the name for a second I think it's their dad!! I think the fact that we have makeup and hair and possibly style really adds to our staying power at this point. Sorry to lump you in with me I am a few years older but you know what I mean.

Bragger said...

I got in SO much trouble for that very thing one time. Hubby is 13 years older than I am, and early in our marriage he was kind of sensitive about it. Not so much anymore.....I think I've caught up with him.

Lilith said...

Ok, I'm dying to know, which picture of us do you have up there? LOL