Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Irritations

Summer colds suck. I'm so sick. Both my ears hurt, my nose is running, I've run a mild fever, I'm achy all over and my THROAT hurts. I would do almost anything to not be sick. It's the sort of sick that's debilitating. The other English teacher had this last week and a whole of hots kids spend last week coughing and hacking on me. Brats.

I hate it when those paper cups are used to spell words in fences, they get all dirty, and fall out and you can't read what it says and no one takes it down. I especially hate it when it happens at a school as a show of school spirit for an athletic team. It just seems to reinforce the "dumb cheerleader" stereotype.

Those great big blow up yard decoration that are mostly displayed at Christmas also irritate the crap out of me. I don't like them at Christmas but I have seen big chicks and bunnies and giant eggs for Easter. On St. Patrick day I passed a leprechaun popping out of a pot of gold... you see my gist here? These things are so tacky and they are even worse when they have collapsed in the yard. Huge balloon looking decorations are for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade only!

It makes me mad to go to an outlet mall that advertises itself as cheaper prices on name brand stuff and it is really just as expensive as a regular store. Outlet prices should be cheaper.

I hate the movie Shrek; all sequels and the first one, too. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Using the broiler. I just can't about ever time I do, I burn something. EVEN if I'm STANDING NEXT TO IT. I'm broiler challenged.

I am really irritated by Wal-Mart, people who bite their nails while having a conversation with me, no food served on airplanes, chipped toe nail polish, people who whistle, people who whistle off key, telemarketers (even though I was one), teenagers, tweenagers, boxing, most television commercials, Republicans, individuals who chew with their mouths open, landfills, time changes, ever increasing postal stamp prices, reality television, ex- wives, procrastination, laziness other than my own, overdue fees on library books, and Rush Limbaugh.

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Curley said...

Summer colds suck. Hope you feel better soon.