Monday, August 30, 2010

Health stuff

I have a huge cold. Now, I know it's just a stupid cold and people get these all the time. But I've been sick now for 1 week and 1 day. My ears hurt and my nose is running. It's been running for the entire time. And I can't catch it. My ears pop and crackle. My eyes water and if I had a dollar for every sneeze I could retire. And I'm exhausted after showering and getting dressed. I can't stop sweating the cold sweats. This is a nasty cold/ flu/ illness crappy thingy.

No, really, I just feel terrible. I'm all full of snot with huge amounts of pressure. I can press on my cheeks and feel the snot bubbles pop. I've gone through 3 HUGE boxes of Puffs. I finally started taking a leftover prescription of Amoxil and am hoping for the best. I just feel like crap. I even took a day and a half off last week and thought I was feeling better but it came back with a vengeance yesterday. It just sucks.

And is saps my energy. I'm just wiped out. But I have a huge amount on my plate this week. Today I volunteered to help with an acting clinic at school. XRayGirl and I have dinner and movie plans. Tuesday I agreed to help with auditions for the school play and then I'm in charge of the concession stand for the volleyball game. Wednesday is the last day of the auditions. Thursday I have another nigh of training for my part time job. Friday night I have to see Mac do his lifter/ cheerleading stuff (and hopefully have some video on youtube of this next week). I get to do all that while having this crappy head cold. I'm not excited. This sort of week would be no big deal; it would actually be FUN any other time, but with a cold, it just sucks.

This week is also the week I need to get a doc appointment so I can renew my birth control pill prescription. Just one more damn thing. I thought I had one more month of pills left but alas, I was wrong. I usually go to Planned Parenthood but the one I've gone to has closed. So now I have to call the new one, get an appointment, go, pay for it, and it's about 1 hour away. Just one more damn thing on my to do list that I didn't plan on. And I usually have a pap come back as "slightly abnormal" so I get to worry for 30 days while we do ANOTHER test to ANOTHER lab and it always comes back fine. And I feel like hell while getting to do this. I won't even mention how close my period is... I said this post was about health stuff, right?

Should I bitch about being fatter than ever on top of it? Okay, I can save that for a post called "fat stuff" or "diet stuff" or "stupid girl stuff".

I HATE being sick! I know, who doesn't? But still, it just seems like everything else in life sucks when I'm sick.

And my nose is so red that I'm giving Rudolph a run for his money,


Thirty-Six Ten said...

poor baby! Hopefully you can get a script for your cold when you go for your birth control.

Have you tried Robitussin? It's really nasty to drink but I haven't found anything that works near as well. I chug it when I get a cold. It along with advil can keep you going for a day.

I hope you get better soon!

Bragger said...

Nyquil is my drug of choice, but it leaves me groggy the next day. Of course, groggy might be better than stuffed up and miserable. I hope you feel better. Nothing worse than being in a classroom when you feel like crap. I used to have a co-worker who would come into her classroom and tell her students she wasn't feeling well, and she could never figure out why they acted like shits after that. I told her, "You just showed blood to the sharks."

Gulo said...

Blah!! Sick SUCKS! I have been trying to get the crud for a few days, too. But I did feel better for a little while tonight-- I got to "pet" a griz--- low and behold, I forgot i felt crappy...until I got home again. Anyway, I hope you find something that fixes your sick for good.