Friday, December 27, 2013

Think Kit 27: Stand out places

Think Kit Day 27: What place (event, celebration, etc.) stood out for you this year? Where was it? Who was there? What did it look like? How did it inspire you?

I went on a week long vacation with my friend Photographer this summer, to Florida, to spend a week in her parents condo. I blogged about it several times this year so here are the links. It was relaxing and peaceful and so much fun! And I know I wrote about here before but it was such a great and much needed trip, once in a lifetime to spend a week with my best friend on a beach... well, it's worth repeating!

Moon on the ocean


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Curley said...

I was jealous. Every time we go to Fl. we spend it with Mom-in-Law. I love her but that isn't vacation, that is just another location of the same every day stuff. Was so glad for you to be able to have a relaxing trip where you were waited on and pampered every day.