Thursday, August 8, 2013

Florida vacation- Stormy skies

It rained almost daily when I was in Florida on vacation a few weeks ago. For some reason, storms don't seems so bad when watched them roll in over the water. I know that ironic and maybe even moronic. I'm happy it was just mild storms or even just rainy.

amazing sky over the ocean before the rain- amazing cloud cover!

another balcony view of the storm rolling in before the clouds turned dark

Sitting in a restaurant called Conchey Joe's, located on an inlet, on a covered patio while it rained

Still at Conchey Joe's after the rain stopped

Storm over a pier

Wish I were still in Florida,


sam said...

Maggie Mae,

I've got a room. Less than 45 minutes to the Atlantic, about two hours to the Gulf. With rivers and springs in the middle!

First two pictures are great!


sam said...

Maggie Mae,

Don't think my comment stayed.

What I said is that I have a room! The Atlantic is less than 45 minutes, the Gulf about two hours. With rivers and springs in between.


Wiley said...

Rain on vacations is much easier to deal with than at home. It's like relativity or something.

And I've missed you.