Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I swear it wasn't a dead body

Giles the Greyhound is FINE! I just want to preface this post with the fact that he is FINE! That being said...

Giles LOVES to ride in the car. Since he and I have spent a large amount of quality time with daddy-o he's gotten to ride in the car with us both, together and separately. It's hilarious when we both put our shoes on and the dog dances around the house because he thinks he should go along, too.

So it was no surprise when I was going to run errands on Saturday and i asked him if he wanted to go along. Of course! We go out the back door, to the garage and in the backseat he goes. I drive across town to the bank and then I hit a drive thru for sandwiches. While sitting in the drive- thru line I see something weird on the backseat. When I turn around and closely examine the seat, I saw blood. Lots and lots of blood. All over the backseat and a fair amount on the dog himself.

After a hysterical call to dad, driving like a crazy woman to the house and dad and I going over every inch of the dog, we found he had markings that are the equivalent of  human "skinned knees" on an area that could be call the ankle- if dogs have ankles that is. The dog is fine. We cleaned his cut, added some neosporian and a bandage. We did that for a couple days and finally took on the bandages and Giles is "treating" his own wounds.

But that leaves the question of my car backseat. Which is covered with a large amount of blood. Did I mention the car interior is black fabric? And my car is a lease? I'm slightly freaked out about the blood. Daddy-O and I both looked online and found several suggestions to get the blood stains out BUT one problem is that some take out color which would be bad. I'm worried about smell and molding with the amount of liquid I'm going to have to use to get it out.

So I called the local Chevy dealership body shop to get suggestions. Conversation went something like this:
Me: Hi I'm Maggie O Sullivan. You just fixed my car a couple months ago after an accident.
Car dude: yeah, I remember!
me: So I have a question. How do I remove a large amount of blood from fabric car upholstery?
Car dude: silence...
Me: hello? are you there?
car dude: uh year. A lot of blood????
Me: yes.
car dude: more silence
Me: Oh it's not like it's human or anything, not from a dead body. *I laugh*
car dude: silence
me: My dog cut his leg and bled all over the backseat of my car.
car dude: uh- huh.
Me: no, really. It was an accident. He skinned his ankle. well, the ankle area if dogs had ankles.
car dude: ok
Me: it wasn't abuse, just an accident
car dude: well, we don't usually deal with blood stains.

Then he gave me some suggestions but he wasn't super helpful. He also recommended I call the coroner to see what he said.

In the end I called a guy who does car detailing- he got the blood out!

And so far the police haven't shown up to question me about the bloody backseat because I was pretty sure Car Dude was gonna make a report!




Curley said...

OMG! That is hilarious. You should write a book

D-nice said...

That's great! I miss you!