Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Think kit Day 18: helpful just because

Think Kit Day 18: Nice someone! Whether it's a gift, a helping hand, moral support, or just doing something for someone else – write about what you did.

Earlier this year I was at a man friend's house and he was having a rough go of things. I was there visiting and he was called into work unexpectedly and I was left to putter around myself for the day. I could've gone out and explored but it was chilly and raining and generally yucky.

I looked around his apartment and thought he could do with a spot of spring cleaning, or to be rather sexist, a "woman's touch" to the place.

I spent the day cleaning so he would be surprised. I did all his laundry and dishes, mopped and vacuumed, and even changed the sheets on his bed. I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the bathroom. I dusted, wiped down baseboards, and took out the trash. I even whipped up a few meals that I froze so he could just pop them in the oven or microwave when he felt the need. I just wanted him to be able to come home and relax in comfort and not have to worry about housekeeping stuff. As a single person, I know what it's like to have to do it all; sometimes it's rough to stay on top of everything all alone. And exhausting to never have help.  He certainly isn't slob, his place wasn't dirty- it just had some of the detail work neglected.

He was the happiest guy on earth when he came home to a spotless apartment, a freezer full of meals, and a closet all of clean clothes. Sometimes it's the little things you can do for people...


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Curley said...

what a nice thing to do.