Thursday, December 26, 2013

Think Kit Day 26: I used a life line: food

Today's Think Kit topic is:  Draw a self portrait. Get as abstract or as real as you like!

Uhhh, no. I have NO art ability at all so I went to the lifelines and the topic is:  Did you eat an amazing meal this year? What did you eat? Who was with you?

Well, this year I did have a few amazing meals! I was able to go to Florida so I was in seafood heaven and I also had an amazing meal at a Brazilian Steak House in Indianapolis, downtown. It was so yummy!

Brazilian Steak House: There's a large salad bar with more than just salad: all sorts of seafood and veggies. All so yummy. I loved the variety of cheese and breads/ crackers.  Everything was also presented beautifully.

I'd never been to one before so I was tickled at the fact it was all the meat I wanted to have. Delicious. While I think I could go through life as a vegetarian this place is what makes me still be a carnivore. Lamb, all sorts of steaks, chops.... oh so yummy! The side dishes weren't the best but between the all I could eat meat options and the stunning salad bar, I was so food happy. It was so nice to have my boyfriends take me here!

My BFF Photographer and I spent a week in Florida and all food was amazing. Fresh seafood every day. Need I say more?!? I could eat my weight in shrimp and crab and I really tried! There isn't one place we went that stands out as the best but it was all good!


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Curley said...

YUM!! Glad to see you back on here. Miss you.