Sunday, December 1, 2013

Think Kit- your year in photos- Day 1

I found a daily writing prompt at Think Kit and thought I'd give the project a try (It might get me just started into my blogging world again). The topic for day one is to show my year in photos. . Here ya go, my year in pictures!

Pink lipsticky kisses,

This year I joined a pen-pal web site and started creating mail art. this is an example of an envelope I designed
Saw Michael Buble in concert in Sept!

My amazing Greyhound

My friend R and I saw Maroon 5 in July- she sent me this photo so I'm not sure who gets the photo credit!

In July I was so lucky to go to Florida with my Photographer friend. This is the sunset from our condo balcony. Can I got back now?

Crazy snowstorm in March that canceled school for a few days.

Vonnegut library (museum) is one of my favorite places to spend time when I'm in Indianapolis. I discovered it this year!

Spent lots of time in Indianapolis this year.

Found an October field of sunflowers...

Wen to a big cat preserve in Indiana last April

I'm  a firm believer that cupcakes are the world's most perfect dessert so here's a sneak peak of Gigi's Cupcakes! I've snacked on these treats off and on all year!
During June rains I found this guys swimming and walking along the city sidewalks in Bripple.

Going to art museums is a fav hobby of mine- I find peace and happiness when I go.


Curley said...

Where in the heck is Bripple? Great pics. I want the cupcakes for Christmas. Please call my husband and tell him where he can get them.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Exotic Feline Rescue Center so cool?!