Monday, December 16, 2013

Think Kit day 16: discovery

Think Kit topic today:  What did you discover this year? Was it accidental or on purpose? What did you learn?

Life line topic: What band (new or old) did you discover this year? How'd you discover them? What one song piqued your interest?

I'm sitting here trying to think of something I discovered that I haven't already written about yet. I couldn't come up with anything so I thought I'd use a life line. Before I went to look at my choices, I thought to myself, I will write the first one on the list that I haven't done yet. And low and behold, it too was about discovery but specifically MUSIC discovery! Guess it's fated that I write something about discovery.

This year has been a weird music year for me. I was blessed to see lots of concerts- more this year than I have in my lifetime! So I've been all over in my music listening. I like to listen to CDs of a band I'm going see for a few weeks. So in April I was jamming to lots of Will Hoge. May- July had me listening to the entire Maroon 5 discography, and completely falling in love with Adam Levine's talent (like every other woman in the world), then I was back on a Will Hog kick for a few weeks since I saw him again, and then I was in heavy into Michael Buble!

I also listened to some of my regular favs, those artists we all have in our music rotation who are the "go to" musicians for us.

And this year I've treated myself to XM radio. Oh wow!!! I mean, OH WOW! I've really listened to a huge variety of music because of all those choices! Girl groups of the 50s and a Sinatra station! A little country! the 80s! Hair bands!

My friends have "been into" music more this year so it always seems to be in the background and it's usually a Pandora station of some sort. I've heard a lot of Mumford and Sons this way, and Phillip Phillips, some Rob Thomas/ Matchbox 20, and artists who are similar to Nora Jones. My son has played so much Mac Mill and earl Sweatshirt around me I can actually name a few songs and recognize them when I hear them- OMG!

I also have discovered IndyInTune radio, online, which plays all music from Indianapolis area artists. Though I don't have a favorite yet, I like the mixture of music there.

I've even got my own Spotifiy account now!

So this has been a year of rediscovering music for me, listening to something different, trying new stuff, buying more cd's and seeing concerts.Good year for tunes for me!



Curley said...

Any my hubby listens to "talk" radio when we are in the car. I listen to the local radio station when in the shower. Turned up real loud singing to the "oldies".

sara_mc said...

Musical Family Tree is another great site to discover local music!

Jimmie Earl said...

Just give me some Reba, Martina, Brad and Norah and I am a happy camper! Such eclectic taste for someone my age! LOL!