Thursday, December 19, 2013

Think Kit day 19: unlimited

Think Kit day 19: If money, time or other commitments were no obstacle in 2014, what would you do? Describe your vision!

Now who doesn't love, love, love a topic like this? This is like the "if you won the lottery, what would you do" with the money sort of question.

I have 4 very separate ideas:

1- I would move to Boston and enrolled in Boston College. I'd live in a little apartment with my dog and work on my Master's in Library Science. I'd enjoy the city and the people while concentrating on studying.

2- I'd love to buy a very large old Victorian ear house and open my own bed and breakfast. Also... there would be a full service tea room available 6 days a week, where I would sell soups and sandwiches and service high tea for ladies who lunch, tea parties, birthday parties or just anyone who wanted to come round  for a spot of tea or a cuppa. One of the small downstairs rooms would also be converted into a quaint bookshop, filled with quirky titles, classics and bestsellers.

3- I'd have my own food truck, selling nothing but wraps and salads.

4- travel all over Europe, seeing everything, meeting ALL the people. I'd stay as long or as short in places as I wanted, dallying where I couldn't get my fill... I'd eat all the food, kiss all the men, mingle with the locals, and tour with the tourists.

Oh how I wish 2014 would give me no limits!


Curley said...

Sounds great!

Robby Slaughter said...

I would LOVE a wraps+salads food truck. Genius idea, Maggie!