Thursday, December 5, 2013

Think Kit day 5- a friend's 2013 look back

Think Kit topic day 5: Interview at least one other person about their favorite moments of the year. Why were these moments important? Were they major events, a particularly memorable minute, or somewhere in-between? Share what you heard.

I have a gal pal ("Baby Girl") at work who is 22 years old- I've become the mother she never had and she's the daughter I didn't think I wanted... and she's pretty happy with her 2013!

Her milestones this year have included moving into a new apartment with her Boyfriend of 3 years, a new "grown up" job, a miscarriage, and making lots of new "adult" friends. She hated the miscarriage and is sad and struggles with the "how are you supposed to feel" idea about this. She knows she's too young and financially not ready but, she said, it will happen when it's supposed too.

She left her high school job at Wal-Mart and is now a teacher's aide at the school where I work. She's great with our troubled teens. For someone her age, she has a great head on her shoulders, so she's young enough to relate to our students, but can still give sound advise and she's not afraid to discipline. She says, "I have friends of my own. I don't need these students to like me. Makes the job easier but I won't be a pusher over just to have it easy."

She's not overly thrilled with her new apartment but she said it could be worse.. And her dog likes it so that's important to her!

And she really likes that she's met me and several other women at school who have become a close pack of ladies who lunch. And see movies. And go out to dinner. She said having 'adult' friends, moving away from the ones she had in high school, is refreshing. Baby Girl said she can't beleive how into drama some of her friends from high school still are and she wishes they would grow up! So she loves her new in-and-out of work group of new Besties!

It was fun to talk with her. I love her youthfulness and her optimism and that she has the whole world in front of her- she's just really starting- she's 22! She's wise beyond her years at time, and then she's a goofy 22 year old- love that about her!

So cheers to Baby Girl and her 2013. I hope her 2014 treats her well!


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Curley said...

She sounds like she knows where she is going with her life. Good for her. Nice interview.