Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 17: Stand out trip was purrrr-fect

Think Kit topic 17: Share a moment that stands out. Was it moving, or awkward, or infuriating, or ecstatic, or ______? Who was with you? Where were you?

One thing I did this year that stood out was a visit to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in southern Indiana. There are over 200 exotic cats ( think lions, tigers, leopards, bob cats, etc) that have been rescued from abusive and neglected situations and are all housed at this facility.

I was with my man friend at the time and we took the guided tour back in April. While our tour guide was a curmudgeonly old lady who was no fun at all, we had a good time anyway. I considered it a success that I didn't get "sprayed" by a cat! We walked around the area that's open to the public, saw lots of huge felines, learned a lot and had a good time. It's intimidating to be 6 feet from a lion who's roaring and staring directly at you.  Intimidating but very cool at the same time.

I like the fact that even though the cats are around for people to see, they have huge areas to roam, a large habitat, not a small space to do nothing but pace.

Something a little different than the average cornfields and cows one usually encounters in southern Indiana- because, yeah, it's totally normal to be driving along, look into the rolling fields and see a tiger running...



Curley said...

I want to go there.

Robby Slaughter said...

There's an "Exotic Feline Rescue Center" in Indiana?

Sounds like an amazing place. Thanks for writing, Maggie!