Monday, December 2, 2013

Think Kit- what did your workspace look like this year- Day 2

This December I decided jump start my blog again so I'm participating in ThinkBox 31 Days of writing prompts for bloggers. Of course, the second topic isn't one I could easily do but Smallbox is helping; they're awesome and give "life line" topics which I'm using today:  What did your workspace look like this year? Did you use a desk, chalkboard, table, floor, or all of the above? What was essential (or completely non-essential) to your workflow?

I think "workspace" can be defined in several ways for me this year: the actual work space at my place of employment, the area where I write or the areas where I cook or craft. In 2013 I've actually cultivated all of these "various" workspaces.  

Other than my place of employment, all my workspaces are just niches I've carved out for myself in the house. I long to have an actual study where I can spread my craft stuff, mail art supplies, swaths of fabric, a sewing machine for quilting, a computer a type writer and various tids and bits- and just LEAVE it there. But alas, that's not the way it is right now.

The dining room has become the make shift crafting area. There are 2 card tables covered with all things a paper crafter could want. Seriously, I think we have all the things. I can leave my stuff on one of the card tables but when I'm spreading out to work I work on the dining room table so everything has to be packed up and put away, or at the very least picked up moved. I did buy a set of plastic containers on wheels to hold all my rubber stamps and various papers. I have  about a dozen decorator boxes where all my mail art supplies are categorized and stored. I have various expandable folders stacked under tables. To the stranger's eye, it probably looks a mess, but it's quite organized.

Essentials, I've discovered, are washi tape, a paper score board, assorted patterned papers, excellent adhesive, colored pens, 1 decent pair of scissors, and a glue pen. All the rest is just embellishment!

Happy creating!


Jimmie Earl said...

Yes, to the untrained paper crafter, our shared work spaces look messy, but they are organized. Can you think of any product we don't have? I can't think of any!

Curley said...

I have seen your work space and compared to mine, yours is very organized.