Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Think Kit Day 10- no habits nor habits...

Okay so I'm really starting to think I'm pretty pathetic because today's Think Kit topic is:  What habits did you start this year that you want to continue? What inspired you to get in a new groove? Will you continue into 2014?

And I have no new habits... I have plenty of bad habits but in no way did I start any new habits this year.

So... I again am going to Small-box to save my blogging-butt for a topic: Did you take any wardrobe risks this year? Did you follow a new trend? What item did you wear most?

Clothes... now this girl KNOWS clothes!  I love clothes. I hate summer clothes because I can never get cool enough so I live in capris and flip-flops. And this summer that's what I wore. Because i went to Florida I did treat myself to a few new items like a pair of white capris, a sundress, and 2 cute little skirts. I wore those in FL and still when I cam back to reality and back to school.

Winter clothes and shoes are my favorite things ever!

I gave into a trend this year and I now own a pair of chocolate brown leather knee boots. And I LOVE them! I have lots of clothes they go with: a brown skirt, a tweed skirt in earth tones, a pair of skinny jeans (I own ONE pair of skinny jeans and I wear them with these boots only and with long cardigans), a black dress, several sweaters and shirts.... love these boots. I want them in black now, please! I followed the trend and am happy! I wear these lots!

As a fat girl, shoes always fit. I buy shoes. A lot. I bought new black loafers and put the old ones to rest. I also bought new brown loafers because.... uhhhh... I wanted some. 

I adore scarves and have lots of them and wear them often.

I'm a librarian and I think a mandatory item is the ever present Cardigan. At one time I counted and I think I ended up with 37 cardigans... in about every shade known to humankind.

A favorite outfit this winter has been black tights, the basic black dress, a long brown cardigan, the brown boots, and my leopard print scarf and purse. Sometimes I swap the tights for stockings and the boots for my leopard print high heel shoes.

I love jeans and it would be my dream to have a professional job where I was allowed to wear jeans all the time. Yeah... right- not! And the school I work at does NOT have a jeans day ever so I bought  a pair of 'denim trousers'. Women will understand this! And I realize that is a sexist comment...

Oh--- and I have a pair of yoga pants that I adore. It's like being able to go without pants but in pants. I don't leave the house in them because my ass isn't really built for yoga pants but at home--- all bets are off. OHHHH-- and no, the yoga pants have never been to yoga.

Yup I love clothes. I have my standby outfits of jeans and shirts, skirts and blouses, sweaters and the overall classics that never go out of style but every year I get a few items that are really trendy. I love clothes, the clothes horse than I am. I own just about everything... well, not everything. I don't own a nun's habit...


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