Monday, December 23, 2013

Think Kit Day 23: Around my 'hood

Today's Think Kit topic: Look at your surroundings as if you're seeing them for the first time – take a walk in your 'hood, explore your house, or visit a favorite spot. What do you notice?

Winter is a time when we often don't think of things in the Midwest as very pretty. The grass, if not snow covered, is brown and dead. Trees are sans leaves. Houses' landscapes are barren. Mud. 

I walked around and noticed that our neighborhood is a mix. People are lower-middle class. They take care of their homes, remodeling and doing "upkeep". People keep their lawns mowed. There's junk sitting on lawns or porches. 

All the houses are 2 story homes, mostly older, some even historic. We all have sidewalks in our neighborhood. The sidewalk is bumpy and cracked. We have huge trees on the treelawns and the root systems are buckling the sidewalks. I know how "bad" this is but I like the texture this adds to the neighborhood. It's part of the quirks. 

I worry about the huge branch that hangs over our front porch. The tree is the neighbor's... I don't want the tree cut down, but if the neighbor could take care of the scary branch that would be great. 

Our street is narrow and only one car can drive down in either direction if cars are parked along both sides, which they can do. We're right off a very main highway and sometimes people cut through using our road. Locals know to pull over but those not from the 'hood just drive like idiots.

That's the 'hood...

*I didn't actually write this post today but have been back logging post to catch up on the topics. I'm going to finish this project no matter what!

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Curley said...

I love to look at old neighborhoods. I like to look at the houses and wonder about the people that built such big houses and what they did for a living.