Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recapping movies of Christmas past

We were brain-storming what movies we've seen on Christmas Day. After my mom died in 2007 we started going to a movie as a complete "change". Trying to get three completely different people from three different generations to agree on a movie has been a challenge some years.

2007: National Treasure 2
2008: we didn't see a movie because I forgot to buy advance tickets. The only tickets available were for Bolt or Twilight--- uh no, so we went home!
2009: Sherlock Holmes
2010: Burlesque
2011: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
2012: The Guilt Trip

Daddy-O fell asleep during movies in '07 and 09. Mac gagged his was through 2010, punctuated with lots of eye rolling, gagging sounds, and mutterings of "you've got to be fu****g kidding me." All three of us were happy with 2011, except for the uncomfortable rape scene. 2012 left us all smiling and laughing; Mac and I were also a bit freaked out because it was like watching a version of us! OMG!

Who knows what we'll see this year? Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle or Saving Mr. Banks get my vote!



Jimmie Earl said...

Did I snore? If it was dark in there, how did you know I slept? National Treasure 2 was boring, and Sherlock Holmes was dark and just plain scary. I vote for the Wolf of Wall Street. I make no promises about staying awake, tho.

Curley said...

Whatever you decide I hope you remember to just have a great time together and to remember to love each other.