Friday, April 16, 2010

Random thoughts Friday

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.... my mouth hurts.

So yesterday two girls at school got into a fist fight and both are now one step away from being expelled. They had to "do time" in a juvenile day jail program for a week. If they fight again, they are expelled. Oh, these two girls were fighting over.... their love of a third girl who was going to "have her"- typical love triangle, right? They're 8th graders...

I'm going to try teaching a novel with the last 6 weeks of school. Yes, I am quite possibly, out of my mind. No I've not selected said novel yet--- To Kill A Mockingbird maybe?

I overpaid the dentist. By A LOT! And I wanted my money back. But I have to wait until the office manager cuts me a check next week. Now, I HAD to pay for my services before he even touched my mouth, but now I have to wait more than a week for a $200 refund? Where's the fair in that? TaDa, Bragger or Curley, could one of you strong, kick ass ladies call there and be all strong and kick ass for me please?

Yesterday one boy got expelled and was sent to boy's school because he went home with stolen property from school. The vice principal went with the cops to his house, knocked on the door and the stupid student answered... holding a doobie. Yup, boys school. Idiot. I don't know what happened to the other kid who jumped out the back window into the waiting arms of another cop... I didn't think to ask!

Mac is going to the prom on Saturday night and I gave him a chore list that involves getting a haircut, washing and waxing the car, changing my CDs to his, picking up the corsage and his tux, and "finding the funky smell" in the car. Uh-huh. Things you never want to say...

Is wrong to borrow a movie from one of my students who illegally downloaded it from the 'net? For me to just watch in the privacy of my home? Am I breaking the law?

There's a guy I like. He lives away. I miss (and like) him. I think I miss (and like) him more than he misses (likes) me. Does that matter?

I'm helping Daddy-O learn all about Medicare. When the heck did the government start charging people for this? And I think someone should hire me to explain Medicare because it's not as complicated as they want you to think. I think. Though I could be confused. If anyone has any advice, it's welcome.

I love it that I a friend who calls me and asks me to help her with her homework because, and I quote, "You're my only smart friend."

At last, it's Friday.... TGIF!!!!!!

On another note...


Anonymous said...

you are funny... how the hell did u manage to overpay...????

Prom .. pictures...

don't borrow that movie ~ could come and bite you... you are there to instill right from wrong and the way they obtained it is wrong...

(even though my son to be son in law does it all the time and I watch them).... NOT from a student..

feel better soon



Maggie said...

TaDa- I didn't borrow the movie. I was going to but didn't. *sigh* I hate being a good example...

And I over paid because the dentist charges what he THINKS it's going to cost based on time and supplies. But I wasn't knocked out as long as he thought, so I used less anesthetic and the teeth came out easier than he had anticipated, so again, he didn't spend as much time with me as he thought. Hence, the over paying...

Lisa said...

Ok get your teacher voice on and DEMAND to get your money back. I don't enjoy confrontation but when it comes to money the other end may need a helmet for where I will blow them away to. Call Monday and tell them what time that afternoon you are going to pick up your check. Did they quote you wrong. The idiot who took it didn't read it. Bet it has gone through your bank. If not tell them you will have to bank hold it until the dispute is over. Don't have to do it just threaten.
Hope the party is ok! I am bummed I never thought of that! I am glad that he wants a fun party. WHY do you have to be "old" before you can have a fun party again?! Glad you are the fall guy!
Hope you have a good weekend!
Sorry the kids at your school are crazy!
Hugs, Lisa