Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bed head all the time...

How fucking hard is it to give a haircut if that's what you were trained to do and have been doing for the last 10 years?

I am so fucking pissed off at the world over this. I had a shaggy bob. You know when you have short hair and you're trying to grow it out? Well I've been trying to grow it out and every single time I go for a TRIM I end up with is all hacked off to bits. It's not because I get to the stylist and change my mind, but because, for some reason, they can't follow directions. I wanted 1/2 inch off and I gave specific directions, of which I will spare you the details, of what my bangs were to supposed to look like. I didn't get anything even remotely close to what I asked for.

I've gone to several stylists and I keep getting shorn. I've been trying to grow my hair out for a year now and I shit you not, it's back to being as short as it was a year ago on the sides and top BUT she kept the length in the back so I have a god damned mullet.

I'm so mad. I look like shit. It's terrible and I hate it. It know it's hair and it will grow back but I've been saying that for a year now. And I'm tired of saying it. I actually looked in the mirror tonight and just sobbed. It's awful. It's short and mullet-y and butch-y and ugly. I hate hate HATE it.

I've made some phone calls and showed some other stylists and I've been given 2 schools of thought on what to do with it. The most popular one is to get a very light body perm on the rollers that are the biggest ones. Apparently this will make me LOOK like I have some body rather than the stick straight-ness and will make it look longer, or bigger or fuller or something. Or just have the back cut short again, to rid the mullet look, and start ALL over again. I fear the perm will equal poodle. And to cut it all off means starting ALL over again.

Can giving a good haircut and listening to the customer be so hard?!?

And the girl who cut it works at the same salon as the woman who did it last time. And here's the funny thing. I went in and said to the NEW STYLIST that the woman whose cut my hair the last 3 times about scalps me and I'm trying to grow it out and I don't understand what part of leave it long she didn't get. I went on and on and gave very specific instructions. Oh, NEW STYLIST said she always leaves client's hair a little on the LONG side because it's easier to take off than put on... blah fucking blah blah blah. And then she whacks it worse than it's been all along.

There's an adorable man that I'm interested in. I'm hoping to see him this summer and I had visions of my hair long enough to pull back- because I think I look prettier, younger, more attractive. BUT no, I won't be close to that. He's seen pictures of me with short and long hair. He says I'm beautiful. BUT I feel MORE pretty (I NEVER feel beautiful!) or at least attractive with long hair and it's just terrible now.

The kids at school are going to eat me alive because of this. They are teens and they aren't always nice and I'm gonna have to suck it up or let them crucify me. And the bad hair has happened so many times I can't even touch my own head without crying over it, let alone act like the kids mean comments don't hurt.

I can't wear bandannas to school for the next month like I did ALL last summer post bad hair cut when I worked ice cream. Our school has a 'policy' so at some point I have to expose my head to the world. I have a few wigs but I don't think I can wear those either- a distraction in the classroom. Guess it doesn't help that the wigs are pink and green and red, rather than a natural hair color.

I'm leaning toward the damn curls. At least there will be some body in it and it won't make me look like a female bubba. Or, as Mac said, "lesbian chic" when he saw the new haircut and asked me "what happened to your head?" Or an extra in the movie the Runaways- I make Joan Jett look like a good hair day, this is so bad.

My hair has usually been my crowning glory. I don't think I'm pretty but I usually have great hair and now... I've not nothing. I just cry and cry over it. I HATE it. I look fucking ridiculous.


Wiley said...

Uh oh... hair disasters are the worst. I have live here for 8 years now and still can't find a hair dresser who isn't either crap or crazy. I just want something in the middle...

I suggest trying the curls. If that turns out to be.. um.. interesting.. (and it won't!) then you at least have the option to trim the mullet.

Still, everything 80s IS coming back so you could keep the mullet and be a real fashionista!

Curley said...

I know this won't help but first you go back to hair salon and ask to talk to the manager. Tell her in very nice terms what you told the "butcher", then you demand your money back. Then when you want a hair "trim" resist the urge. Sooner or later it will be so long you won't be able to stand it. And you are too beautiful and I don't want to ever hear you say things like that again.

Bragger said...

Why is it we women have to have hair issues? I wish I could just shave mine off and go bald like Hubby and not have to worry about hair at all.

I'm sorry they won't do what you want them to. I wish we could hold hairdressers responsible for their mistakes!

I would suggest trying hot rollers on the top part to see if you like it before going the permanent route.

sam said...


I am sooo sorry. I can relate to this. What did the hairdresser say? Having curly hair myself I would hesitate on the perm.

Good luck..............p

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Oh this is just dreadful and I feel terrible for you. You do know it will grow out BUT now is what you have to deal with. Can you gel into a fabulous chic look kinda of a la Posh Spice, Victoria's hair is fab!!
Hang in there, last year I went for caramel/golden highlights and for some reason she changed her formula and died my hair black with green highlights. I took someone 3 hours at a different salon to fix it. Plus I was leaving for vacation in the morning.

Anna said...

I'm angry with and for you! A messed up style here and there is easy to overlook but to have it happen again and again just doesn't seem fair... (((hugs))) and if you need go somewhere and let out a REALLY big scream!!!!

Of course I agree that you should try the hot curls first to see what you thing about the look before going permanent with it even if it is a light perm.

Sending hair healing/styling energies your way my friend :-)

Jimmie Earl said...

Hey You,
Can it really be that bad? I can sympathize with you. You have such lush, beautiful hair, it's a shame you can't find another Susie. You might try the gay guy in town. I hear he gives a "simply marvelous" h/c. He's a real trip, so be prepared!
In all seriousness, it will grow back. I agree with Curley to just let it grow until you can't stand it anymore then do something.
As for the brats at school, who incidentally, don't know jack-shit about style, ignore them. After all, some of them still try to color their hair with a Sharpie or spray paint! Good lord, some of them still eat paste! What the hell do they know. Take a good slug of Jose down under the cupboard. Things will look better!

anna @ frosted petunias said...

I feel your pain. I'm sooo sorry. I've entertained thoughts of murdering several stylists in the past and the worst part is you know you just have to suck it up. It took me 8 years to finally find one that I kind of trust. I think the rest of them go into some sort of shearing trance once they get started. That's why they like to gab at you all the time. Hair gel, mouse, texturizer, etc and something fabulously chic gets my vote. Along with to die for earrings and drop dead gorgeous make up. Maybe some (budget)retail therapy! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

OMG (osh).... I am so sorry... call the manager and tell them you want them to pay for the perm.... On a funny note... Michael just cut my hair last week...Unlike you, I have obnoxious curls (compliments of the chemo) when once upon a time I had straight hair. My girlfriend calls me Shirley... any ways.. I have to have stupid cuts put into it just to manage it .. .I have so much thickness... I always wear it in a pony... Lisa is coloring it Friday night...a straightner makes me look chopping with the layers for thin ness...


Shan said...

Oh Mags. How disappointing. I'm so sorry this atrocity has happened to your hair. I have had some major bad hair do's (though never really realized at the time). I make the mistake of always thinking my hair is fine until someone tells me otherwise ;).

I think you should take that shot of tequilla and head on back to the salon to book that free something or another. I think a curl might soften up the El camino situation but I would also try for some layers that make the two lengths closer to each other. Maybe some razoring? I have a good friend who always looks fresh and fab and she just got a Pat Benatar kinda layering thing that looks fabulous. That's all I've got for you. Chin up young beauty.

Maggie said...

Wiley- I'm scared of a curly mullet! I had a great stylist until she went and got a bachelor's degree and is now an HR director!

Curley- i didn't pay for this cut. and the woman who used to cut my hair that always chopped it too short is the manager! And no more trims- ever!

Bragger- i never thought about trying rollers first! good idea. I gave some thought to bald...

Sam/P- thanks!

Bunny- black hair with green highlights???? OMG! i think that would've just about killed me. Thank the goddess you could get it fixed!

Anna- i think hot rollers and a big scream would be ideal! thanks for sending me good energies! any spells you can cast to make my hair grow?

JE- yes, it is really that bad. I mean Mac even noticed. And I'll add Jose to the hot rollers and screaming list. Good combo. be glad you aren't here for this...

Anna@ FP- I love your suggestions! i think something short and chic is going to be the order of the day. I just have nightmares about permed mullets!

TaDa- thanks for the suggestion. I think at this point I would like too many obnoxious curls than my mullet.

Shan- XRayGirl said enough is enough with the bad hair and she's gotten me an appointment with her stylist for tomorrow. and her stylist can do a razor cut. the other good thing, is that her stylist also has very short hair so she might be able to help me work with mine!

Thank you everyone for you support and suggestions!! Kisses!

Lilith said...

I thought it was cute!