Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dead man walkin'

It's the last day of spring break. I wonder if I can even technically call it the last day of spring break because even if we would've had school all week long I would still have the weekend. OMG- maybe the last day of spring break was 3pm on Friday, which is when school would've ended!

Okay, so not matter the semantics of today, today is the last day of spring break. I don't want to go back to school tomorrow. I don't know if I don't want to go back because I have to go to the dentist on Tuesday and I am NOT looking forward to that, or if I just don't want to go back because... well, it's middle school with 7 more weeks of classes to go and the kids are past caring?

I'm also such a procrastinator. I've worked on laundry in dribs and drabs all week long but still have a bunch left and of course, I left it until today. I have one stinkin' chore to do before Daddy-O gets home tomorrow- it involves moving a pile of leaves- and of course, I waited until today. In my defense, I had thought I would do it Wednesday, sort of the middle of break, but it rained and then I had to wait for the yard to dry.... okay, yeah, it sounds lame to me, too.

I had a good week-- saw all the girlfriends who live around here and had some quality girl time. Read at least 2 books; I realize that number is usually higher but... I saw 7 movies at the time of this post (could add a few more to this list today while I'm doing the laundry thing), spent quality time with Mac, had quality alone time, cooked a bit, ate out some, cleaned the kitchen and did one knitting project. I also spent a LOT of time being lazy, playing on the Internet, talking on the phone, and at the library.

All in all... not a bad way to spend a spring break!

So, did I mention it was only 7 more weeks until summer vacation?

Maggie Mae


Curley said...

I understand the not wanting to go back to school. I don't want to go back to work. Thank you for the extra day off this coming week. Even if you don't get the leaves taken care of he should like the way his car looks.

Jimmie Earl said...

Oh Crap! Did you have to mention going back to the "spawns of Satan?"
Oh well, I have one more day of vacation, that will be spent in various airports, time zones, and "white knuckling" it on some undersized aircraft with way too many people on board for the number of bathrooms available. But then I will be back home, and able to sleep in my own bed. Funny how attached one can get to an inanimate object!

Maggie said...

Curely- glad to give you an extra day off- wish we were actually going to enjoy it!

JE- gee, I can tell how much you *like* flying! hang in there on the flight. just have a few beers from the airport bar before you go... tho that might not be good considering the bathroom situation... Hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

summer will be here before you know it..