Thursday, April 15, 2010

A very "Un- Surprise" Birthday party

I'm alive. My mouth feels all gross and funny shaped but I guess that's normal? And what do I have to write about other than my mouth since I've been home for two days, sleeping and gently swishing with salt water?

I can tell you about Mac's upcoming "Un-Surprise" party. Yeah...

When you have a teen age son who turns 17, having a birthday party for him is a tricky thing. First, is the question to have on or not? And if yes.... then planning can be a nightmare. Timing is the first hurdle. First, Mac's birthday was Monday, the 12th- the Monday after spring break when everyone was back at school. So I couldn't do anything party-wise the week before because 99% of his friends were gone on holiday. And having a party on a school night is... "lame", apparently. This coming Friday is out because it's the night before Prom and that's conflicts with other stuff, but I didn't ask what. So now, Mac's "Un-surprise" party is going to be on Sat. April 24.

And why do I call it the UN- Surprise party? Well, because planning a party for a 17 year old boy is tricky so I gave up and asked him if he wanted a party. Yes. Okay-- so what did he want to do? And no I won't buy a keg... so he decided he wanted to have a few kids over to watch movies and eat pizza. Since we live with Daddy-O and he just got new furniture and a few kids turned into about 25 kids, Curley is helping and getting the "event room" at her place of employment for said party. (Thanks again Curley!) After much deliberation with Mac, he's having about 25 invited for pizza and cake and movies.

But he WANTS it to be a surprise. O-kay...

So now I'm calling his female friend (not a GF but a BF) and she's going to pass out the invitations and pick the kids who are Mac's real friends. I'm pretending it's a surprise and so is Mac but he wants to know who's coming, he wants to pick the movies, he wants to make sure I get the right pizza--- OMG, he's totally his mother's control freak child. So the female BF is going to pass out the invites and then the kids are going to text or call me with RSVPs (or her).

And Mac is going to "fake" surprise at his surprise party that he helped plan.

I also want to point out that he's having an Alice in Wonderland party. Since he was the Mad Hatter, XRayGirl is making a cake that is going to resemble this one (click here), the invitations are Alice as are all the party favors. He approved and thought it was hilarious. And if the other kids think it's dumb, he can blame me since it... was... well, a surprise. Yeah.

Should be interesting!



sam said...

Hi there,
Glad you're feeling better. Party sounds fun.....cake very cool!

You want Pizza Hut coupons? They are $5 off each $15 order. I can send $25 worth.

Let me know........p

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie...

planing can be wonderful or complete's hoping yours is great!

and your mouth will heal .. keep sloshing salt water! my hubby went through the same thing.

ciao bella
thanks for droppin in...

creative carmelina

Tiffanee said...

Sounds so much like my teenage boy! I can't wait to see and hear what happens. It sounds like it is going to be a great party!! What a good mom you are!

Maggie said...

Sam- yes, please send me the coupons! Does that mean if I order $45 worth of pizza they'll take of $15? Not to be dumb about the math, but more just if I can take off $5 for each $15...... or is this explanation just making me sound dumber? Oh hell, don't answer that.

Carmelina- this planning with be pretty low stress since it just means setting out food and staying out of the way.... I hope.

Tiffanee- oh shucks, thanks!

and thanks to everyone for all their well wishes! I still feel crummy but there's an end in sight, right?

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling glad to hear that you are on the mend. Happy Birthday to you son. planning a party is stressful enough, no place a teenager in that circle and it becomes crazy. Good luck to you.

Love & Hugs

Bragger said...

I hope your dental woes are behind you permanently. Have fun with the unsurprise birthday party! And have a marvelous weekend.