Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Meme

Sunday Stealing brought us this meme and since we must have honour among thieves I want to say thanks to them for my blog topic today!

And yes, I brought out a meme because it's so late in the day and I did all sorts of stuff after school so I didn't have time to write something 'real.'

So, for today---

01. Real First Name:

02. Birthday:
Sept. 26

03. Where do you live:
in Daddy-O's attic, somewhere in the Midwest, place known as Civilization

04: What are you studying/What are you working as:
Special Education Aide in a middle school setting

05. What makes you happy:
money, shoes, purses, lotions, Mac and Daddy-O, friends, Curley, quilting, sewing, reading, writing, blogging, music, film

06. What are you listening to now/have listened to last:
The Pretenders Greatest Hits

07. What is particularly good/bad about your blog:
good about my blog are my readers. bad- my template; I need to hire someone to make one that would make me happy

08. An interesting fact about you:
I want to live in Ireland or somewhere in the UK

09. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment:

10. Favorite place to be:

11. Favorite lyric:
"will you hose me down with holy water, when I get too hot?"- Meatloaf

12. Best time of the year:
when it's not too hot, not too cold

13. Weirdest food you like:
fried peanutbutter and banana sandwiches


01. A film:

02. A book:
Fool by Christopher Moore

03. A song:
"Hey Soul Sister" by Train

04: A band:
Bon Jovi


01. One thing you like about a blogger that you have not met:
Bragger's creativity and sense of humour

02. Two things you like about yourself:
sense of humour & my taste in shoes

03. Name three things that you need in a lover:
honest trustworthiness, intelligence, sense of humour


Anonymous said...

I love the pretendars..

Curley said...

Interesting. I want to try one of those sandwiches.

Nancy said...

Well, I'm REALLY late. Interesting thing about me...I'm more like you than my blog...probably more cynical than you...people who read my blog hate that. But, I feel free to be "me" here. So, glad I'm late, more to read. See if Susie at 1st Floor Flat can "do" your blog...she's UK livin' in London and a trained artist. And, cheap if that counts.

My son turns 21 in a few days. Moving from dorm to apartment. With 2 girls. Downtown New Orleans. I'm a mess. Even tho' he's in Louisiana and I'm "for now" in Vermont, the dorm was less of a break than an apartment. Done with writing degree in 2 years, adding on a Philosophy degree next year, then law school.

I'm alone. I have helped everyone else and now I'm alone. It sucks. I want to walk around Disney World for three weeks and figure this those special bum and leg shoes! I know once I've done this the world will be magical again! :-)

anna @ frosted petunias said...

Fried peanut-butter and banana sandwiches and moving to the UK...yup, I'm soo there. Maggie your blog always puts a smile on face so I wanted to give you a Happy 101 Award! Someone was sweet enough to give it to me yesterday and I wanted to pass it on to the ladies that inspire me and make me smile too. Please stop by and see today's post when you get a chance. Have a great day!