Sunday, April 4, 2010

Worthless Layabout I am

It's already day two of Spring Break Week and my mind is already a blob. Does this happen to other teachers, too?

I don't feel like showering or talking to people. I have a good mind to just lay on the sofa and watch tv and surf the 'net. Anything that doesn't have to do with teenagers, including my own. I thought one day this week I would give him cash and the keys to the car and tell him to go away for the day. Yes, I realize that probably makes me a bad mother and sounds a little hard core, but I am trying to get my lazy alone-ness on!

I'll probably be tired of being a slug before today is over, though. Curley and I have lunch plans for tomorrow, and who knows what else we'll get into? And Mac has to go get his teeth cleaned (he's a sick boy- he's EXCITED about it!) I have to firm up a time to hang with Lilith, whom I haven't seen since Christmas! XRay Girl and I are going to do our thing- whatever that may be... a pedi? Food? Movie? Yes, yes and yes!

I also have some chores to do this week. I want to try and sort of "organize" the garage. I'm afraid if I use the word 'clean', I won't do it. By that same token, I also want to "organize" the attic where I live. Mac and I have to rake up some left over fall leaves from the backyard, too.

In the category of hobbies, I want to finish some knitting projects, my dress, and two quilts.

OMG- when I read this list, I have no idea if I have time to be a slug today. I'll need a vacation from my vacation! I'll need a week of doing nothing after doing all this!

Slugg-ary doesn't sound so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

Chin up... Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

From one worthless layabout to another! What's wrong with wanting to be a little recluse, and vegetate by ourselves for a bit!
that list of things to do can wait, you sound like you just need to get your fill of yourself first, then take on the world again, one teen at a time...!! lol

thanks for your visit~!
ciao bella

Curley said...

After the last 2 days being away from home and still having to do laundry, give me a day or 2 of layabout. I'm pooped

Lisa said...

I hear you! Try and take a little time and do one or two things a day. It is your BREAK after all! Have fun too!!
Hugs, Lisa