Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And the award goes to me!

As with all good blogger awards, there come rules.

1. Brag about the award.
I got an award and it's so cool! I love awards. They're like presents. And I love presents. An award!!!!! For me me me!!!!!

2. Include the name of the blogger who gave you the award and link back to that blogger.
Wiley gave it to me- thank you, thank you, thank you!!! She so rocks. If she didn't give it to me first, I'd give it to her! And I'm super-duper excited because she moving to the States and then we can hang out. Hey, I know she could be 2000 miles from me, but that's better than the current 3 million-jaillion miles and a bunch of oceans and mountains and stuff away that she is now!

3. Choose a selection of blogs that you find brilliant in honest content. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with this award.
So I present this award to the following:
  • Jain at Food for Thought is brilliant in presentation, word, and deed
  • Shan at Shansland is funny, creative, an excellent mom, and beautiful inside and out
4. List at least ten honest things about yourself...
Geez, 10 honest things about me? Really? Okay here goes:
  1. My real middle name is not Mae; it's Janelle.
  2. I worry about what other people think of me and I hate that I do. I wish I was more like French women who just don't give a flying monkey's butt what people think and do their own thing anyway. Guess that's why they're French and I'm not.
  3. Being in love scares me to death and I avoid it because I just can't fathom being hurt again. Our hearts don't regrow or bounce like I pretend they do. I just can't stand the thought of romantic disappointment again.
  4. I get pissed off at the weather, which is stupid because I can't control it, but the rain made the roof leak and screwed up all my clean clothes, making me wash them AND dry them all over again.
  5. I want Mac to get a summer job but I can't MAKE that happen, just like I can't MAKE anything else happen.
  6. I'm seeing a pattern that I have control issues so I'm honest in that I have control issues.
  7. I'm really hating my job right now. Yes, I am lucky I have a crummy pay job with no benefits and it's better than being unemployed. But that doesn't mean I still have to like it, right?
  8. I worry I won't be able to afford Mac's college tuition. Sperm Donor is NOT an option; let's not go there, shall we?
  9. Chocolate doesn't solve all the problems of the world but it seems to help.
  10. I like to get mail that's not bills. I love to get letters, cards and magazines. These make me happy.


Curley said...

Hope you have a better day today. I so totally understand about the son and job issue and you know why. Chocolate might not make it better but chocolate and ice cream can. And this person thinks your fantastic.

Shan said...

I think I've said something like this before but YOU WIN MORE AWARDS THAN ANYONE I KNOW!!

And I can see why. :)

Thank you for passing your fortune along Mags! What a sweet sweet thing to say about me. xxx I'll have a piece of that hat cake to celebrate paleese(seriously, my blood sugar is low and I can't feel my hands typing.)

What's this about your friend moving to the States?? I'll have to check that out-how fun! Welcome Wiley!
You could use your control freaking to get her to live near you perhaps. hmmm?

I'm going to pray about this job situation for you. You are doing a lot of good there but definitely need to have your own gig.

Happy Tuesday!

anna @ frosted petunias said...

Congratulations Maggie!! I love your blog and you so deserve the award! I'm with you on #8...both the tuition and the sperm donor thing. My son will need to qualify for full scholarships or I need to win the lottery soon.

Wiley said...

Janelle? Wow, that's totally a trailer trash name round these part. I am officially impressed! Major street cred right there.

And I'm a "Westie" (someone who hails from the low-brow western suburbs of Sydney) so I can say that...