Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mac.

Mac is 17 years old today. Wow. Sometimes I look at him and still see my little boy; other times, I wonder where this guy came from and wonder what happened to my little boy.

He drives. He dates. He's looking at college/ universities. He's one year from high school graduation.

But he's still my baby, right? I do his laundry, he pouts if he doesn't like what I fix for supper, and he wants his mommy when he's sick.


He's amazing and I marvel at him daily.

Happy birthday to my son. I love you, baby boy!

Okay, let's have cake and ice cream.......................!

love, Mom


Bragger said...

Happy Birthday to Mac! We April babies rock. :)

Curley said...

Tell Mac Happy Birthday for me. Don't forget to give him the card from me. Hope he likes it.

Anonymous said...

hope he has a great day!

D-nice said...

WOW! I feel like it wasn't that long ago that I was playing legos and getting schooled in Sonic...oh at that time he was young enough to need me as a sitter! He could probably still school me in Sonic and build a lego castle better then any I have ever seen! Happy Birthday Mac!!

anna @ frosted petunias said...

Happy Birthday to your 'baby' boy! They're always our babies. My 13 yr old just started shaving! He was just in yesterday it seems. Hope the 2 of you have a great birthday day!

sam said...


Stand aside. Go get Mac. I'll Wait.





Shan said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Mac! I hope it was awesome! :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!!
Hugs, Lisa