Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doing Nothing on a Wednesday & the adventure up my sleeve for today

Yesterday was one of the best days of my spring break......... I did nothing. I didn't even take a shower or take off my jammies. I laid on the couch most of the day and watched movies, read a book, and napped.

Now it was raining, dark and thundering and lightening, so I watched the storm. Oh I could think of only two things better: 1) having a lie-in with a wonderful man doing the same things but adding sex to the list, or 2) spending the day shoe shopping. Since there's no man there was no sex. Since there's no money, there was no shoe shopping. So I did my third favorite thing to do on a warm stormy day- nothing.

My stack of rented movies was high so I just watched those (Secret Window, Ned Kelly, The Jane Austen Book Club, The Soloist, Mystery Alaska) all day long.

Mac was in the house, in his room, playing video games, Facebooking, and texting. He'd pop down to see what I was doing, say hey, talk for a minute, grab food, and disappear back upstairs. He and I made homemade pizza. We'd never done that together before and we had all the stuff to do it. And we actually did it together. He was like a little kid with Legos, building his pizza. We ended up with three layers of pepperoni and three layers of cheese on this sucker. So now I know when he goes to college he'll be able to make home made pizza, hot dogs, and scrambled eggs.

Oh, I talked on the phone to Curley, to XRayGirl and... a fella I know. I also had a screaming match with the Sperm Donor- well, he was screaming and I was calm and relaxed, which freaks him out even more- the arsehat fucktard. I also played on the Internet. I did a touch of laundry. Talk about the best day...! (Even with laundry and the asshat!)

Oh, and one more thing! I ate chocolate, lots of chocolate! Goddess bless the after Easter candy sales!

I seriously love doing nothing. I like working, sometimes, for the most part, and yes, I do like doing crafts and hobbies, but sometimes doing nothing is perfect. a seriously huge case of doing nothing.

Now I am leaving the house today. First, XRayGirl said she is going to take my hair issue into her own hands. She made an appointment for me with her stylist and, I'm here to tell you, that girl had BEAUTIFUL hair. Stunning! Her stylist has very short hair so XRayGirl thinks her stylist can help me- she can either fix it or give me ways to work with the mess. (But from what XRayGirl repeated her stylist said she's probably gonna have to cut it all off and let me start all over again with a frickin' pixie cut, one more time... Karma/ Dogma hair)

Okay, back to me leaving the house. XRayGirl and I are going with her Granny to an Amish bakery and cheese shoppe. Then I'm going to my hair appointment, and XRayGirl is going with me for moral support. After that--- we're going to *gulp* go driving. She's going to teach me to drive a stick shift. I have no idea how to drive a manual transmission and she's decided to teach me. It would be a good thing for me to learn, right? If nothing else, it'll be good blog fodder. After that might involve booze for both of us- we may need it.

I'll let you know how it all turns out, from the hair to the driving. Maybe we should drive first because then if she pulls my hair out, I won't be bald?

Happy Thursday!


Bragger said...

What an exciting adventure! Driving a stick will become second nature to you with just a little practice. Scary at first, but you'll catch on. Good luck with the hair appointment. I hope the new stylist can make you as beautiful as you deserve to be!

Curley said...

Have a great day, you lucky dog. I have to work. Ok, so I only work 3 days a week. Doesn't mean I want to go today. I want a lay-a-bout day. Good luck with the driving.

Jimmie Earl said...

I have had a lot of lay-about na na na na, and I LOVE it. Going to look at TX wildflowers today and to the Ft. Worth Main St. Arts Festival tomorrow. Just got back from the Kolache Bakery. I could get used to this kind of life. Unfortunately, it's back to reality come Monday AM.
Good luck with the stylist. I never thought to suggest Tina in the next town East. I guess she is very good!
Short hair is "in" even tho you prefer long. It's Spring: time for change.

Duchess of Tea said...

Not everyone is lucky as you darling, have a lovely day. You deserve it.

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

doing nothing! there's serenity in that! sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered...

Jane Austen Book Club..i can't find that movie anywhere to buy it, i mean....I've rented it, loved it, now can't find it for the life of me!!!!!

it's nice that you shared pizza making with your kid! that's the best way to go!
thanks for stopping in today!!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Cheryl said...

Sounds wonderful! I love those days where I don't feel obligated to do anything. And good luck with the driving lessons. I've considered learning, myself, more thing, maybe in my next life.

Sperm donor throwing hissy fit? You're raising his child what more can he want? :)