Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mad Dancing!

How many of you are familiar with the pinnacle of Kevin Bacon's movie career, Footloose? For those of you who lack the knowledge, this slightly corny movie is about a kid who moves into a small town ruled by an iron fisted preacher who won't let people... DANCE! So Kevin Bacon's character named Wren falls in love with the preacher's daughter and they decide to use their friends and Bible quotes and some nice guy who owns a grain mill to host a school... DANCE! And when Kevin Bacon's character Wren gets really mad, and fed up with the town because everyone is picking on his monstrously cool self, he drives away, and in a moment of cheesiest movie history, he slams a cassette into the car cassette tape deck and... DANCES his anger out!

Now, Mac thinks this is the funniest thing. he. has. ever. seen. in. his. life. He also down loaded the song to his iTunes, which happens to be "Never" by a group called Moving Pictures, an obvious one hit wonder, if you could even call them that. And for some reason, he isn't the only teen around here who thinks it's funny- ALL of Mac's buddies think it's hysterical that this kid gets so mad he runs off to... DANCE!

So, yesterday morning, Mac and I are being slugs in the living room and he's dinkin' around on his computer. And he starts playing "Never". This roused me from my slug-fest to see what the hell he's thinking since he usually plays Pink Floyd and Metallica. He tells me how funny everyone thinks the song is. The conversation proceeds:

Mac: yeah, mom, every time I get mad at you, I take off and go DANCE my mad out.
Me: oh really? You go to the city park to do that?
Mac: oh totally yeah. In the big pavilion. All the kids do it.
Me: that'd be something to see.
Mac: Sometimes there are so many of us ready to mad DANCE, I have to wait in line. And I have a collection of half drank glass Coke bottles to smash in the middle of my big mad DANCE number!
Me: got a selection of wife beater shirts I don't know about?
Mac: I totally do, mom. I change into my acid wash jeans right before I go...

Now, for this to be waaaaaaaaaaaaay more meaningful to those of you who have never witnessed this spectacle and for this to make sense, I have FOUND a clip of Kevin Bacon and this scene in its entirety from Footloose. God bless the Internet. Take a look. Laugh. I did!

Mac's mom,


Curley said...

Ok, laugh but I still love this movie. Kevin Bacon is sooo cute with his 80's hair.

Shan said...

HA HA HA!!! Of course I saw this movie fresh out of the hopper but I was sitting there thinking Kev's really more of a gymnast than a....a then he totally did the Olympic swing around the pole several times! Double HA HA HA!!

Mac may need to sign up for some training if he's going to get gymnastically mad at you. :D

Maggie said...

Curley- Oh I still totally love this movie, too, and own the collectors edition on DVD! But still... this is hilarious!

Shan- Gymnastically mad?!?!? OMG- that's great! I'll share that with him!

Jimmie Earl said...

Still not up to par with "Dirty Dancing." And to think, your mother and I actually "dirty danced" in public, no less. What were we thinking? We weren't, obviously!

Anonymous said...

Maggie... I loved that movie.. and he was so hot in it..

Wiley said...

Ahh ha ha ha haaa! Is there nothing the 80s can't teach us?
Love it. Mad dancing rocks.