Sunday, April 11, 2010

Third post of the day...clean!

The leaves are raked and carried to the road, awaiting the street department's leaf sucker machine. (and if anyone wants night crawlers, the backyard is full of them now that all the leaves have been hauled away!) The grass is cut. The kitchen floor is mopped. Dinner is cooking in the crock pot. The cars are washed. Clean sheets have been put on all three beds in the house. The dishwasher had been run and emptied, ready to be filled again. The toilet bowl has even been swished with blue water stuff. Trash has been gathered and taken to the garbage pails. All shoes and assorted belongings have been toted upstairs and [sort of] put away. Cars have been cleaned inside as well!

Laundry still needs to be done. I'm not going in there. You can't make me.

Shakin' in my shoes,


Anonymous said...

oh you good girl....send some ambition my way

Curley said...

You're a big, brave woman who can do anything. Get in there a finish the laundry. Wear shoes.

Nan said...

Maggie yes go ahead and use diced tomatoes in that soup I posted that should work fine.

Maggie said...

TaDa- consider it sent!

Curley- I finally ventured back in the laundry room and I wore a hat in case the spider dropped out of the ceiling, and I wore my wellies (my purple rubber boots to my knees!)

Nan- okay- thanks! I'm going to give it a try next week!

Anonymous said...

you have accomplished more today than I think I've done all week, as far as cleaning goes....and laundry..still on the floor here!, but that's our little secret!

on the creative side, however, I'm a busy beaver!....whatever that means!, not like I'm building any damns....ooops, did I just potty?

ciao bella

Bragger said...

Congratulations on your productive day. I pretty much watched the Masters..... and watched the Masters. Oh, I did get 3 loads of laundry done, and I didn't even cheat and leave one in the dryer this time.

Sorry your spring break is over. Perhaps the end will be here before we know it. (I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope.....)

Duchess of Tea said...

LovelyMonday to you my darling. Thanks again for the lovely awards, I am planning to post them this week.

Love & Hugs