Monday, January 26, 2009

If you're going to talk the talk, be ready to walk the walk (or "why I went to Pittsburgh for 24 hours")

Spontaneity. I have always claimed that I'm a spontaneous person. Until last week, though, I would say that my spontaneity was usually on a small level. Dance in the rain. Midnight walks in the snow. Random trips to a movie theater. Small stuff.

My move to the Wild West was rather spontaneous to an extent-- the fact that it all happened so quickly was what made it seem crazy spontaneous, but I'd wanted to teach HS and had wanted to live in the Wild West for a long time so it was going to happen at some point in my life. The turn around was fast so I guess it was "organized" spontaneity, if you will.

Okay, now I need to tell you something else. Follow me here: some of you might remember that I signed up accidentally, of course, for an Irish dating service. It was free. So, what you might not know, is that I've been communicating via email with an American who lives in Dublin. He took a transfer with his company and has been in the Emerald Isle for about 6 months. He and I have been emailing and it had been great fun to talk to him- an American perspective of Ireland, a place I desperately want to see!

This AmericaninIreland Sam is funny and he is an excellent correspondent. Our email exchanges are fun and lively and full of wit and intelligence, sometimes reaching rather Tolstoy-esque lengths. He can write complete sentences. He likes to read and to travel. He's thoughtful. He's smart. He has a delicious sense of humour. He's a bit handsome, well, quite a bit handsome. He's well versed in politics- and is a Democrat.

He's such a Democrat that before he went across the Pond he campaigned for President Obama. He lived in DC so that was easy for him to do. He was such a supporter and believer that he traveled around the US to do some campaigning. He is such a supporter and believer that he came to DC last week for the Inaugural Festivities. He had Ball tickets and tickets to be on the Mall for the ceremony. So, he was in DC.

We chatted on the phone TONS once he got State side. And we emailed. And then we broke all dating rules. We talked and emailed all the time and said to hell with the three date rule- who can wait three days when he's only in the US for a week? And then he called on Tuesday night with a crazy proposal: Would I meet him half way between DC and Civilization? He priced plane tickets for both of us to any airport that lay between us and the most affordable plan was for us to meet in Pittsburgh, PA. That was halfway. For a date. Would I do it? It was crazy, silly, absurd-- but... since I've always claimed that I like to fly by the seat of my pants, that I've always wanted to be in love like a movie, because it felt right, all the elements came together, so...YES!

Yes, I drove to Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday to meet my AmericaninIreland Sam, for a 24 hour long date. We had from 3 pm Thursday until 2 pm Friday, when he had to get back on a plane, get back to DC so he could prepare to fly back to Dublin Saturday night. Yes, dear readers, I drove to Pittsburgh, PA for a date.

The greatest first date story in history!

Sam is as great in person as he is on paper- at least he was for 24 hours. There is a part of me which would love to babble on and on about how great he is then there's the other part of myself which I chide my naive thinking that he's great because I have such the terrible track record with men. But Sam is grand. Handsome, witty, so very smart, a gentleman, such a flirt, interesting, romantic, sexy, silly... ack- this could be very very bad since he lives in IRELAND, for goddess sake!

We had a great time and couldn't seem to stop talking. We stayed at the Pittsburgh Hilton and basically marinated in each other for 24 hours. We talked forever and listened to music and talked books, politics, life, past, present, future, work everything. We talked about everything and practically could finish each other's sentences. This was amazing and nearly perfect. He brought me some nice Inaugural gifts- a pink commemorative hat and sweatshirt. A button. A copy of The Onion. And-- well... he brought me a gourmet box of chocolates. Heart shaped. Since he wouldn't be able to see me on Valentine's Day. Yes, my darlin' readers, the man remembered Valentine's Day 3 weeks early since he knew we couldn't be together. I. just. about.died. on. the spot. from the romanticness of it all.

I had picked him up at the airport- in addition to his airplane ticket he also paid for the Hilton and all meals, so it seemed silly to have him rent a car. We hugged and kissed in the airport like long lost friends. Then we didn't shut up, hardly, for the next 24 hours. It was wonderful... and yes, I'm gushing with emotion here- and I don't care!

He's sweet, he curls my toes. I like him. So- what next? Well, we sort of developed a code word as to whether or not this was just a shot in the dark, a one time deal... or maybe should it be more. The code word was "passport"- since I don't have one. So we're standing in the airport preparing for his departure. We're talking and he leans close and whispers "passport" in my ear, very softly. So...

And- yes, I've heard from him several times since he left. Several emails and a very looooong phone call- in which we both agreed we hate the ocean that lies between us and the gods were certainly bored to do this- we have our own level of Dante's hell....

What do we do now? Other than he and I both have decided to hate the Pond...well, we both know this is insane and the distance is beyond terrible. The tentative plan is to meet in San Fransisco, CA in April when he comes State side for a business trip, for 10 days. Yes, that's 10 weeks away and we both know lots can happen between now and then. Hell, anything can happen between now and then. But right now, if all the emails, phone calls, texts, chats and letters go according to plan- then San Fran is the plan. By then my passport should arrive and we'll talk trip to Dublin in the summer.

This is so very, very bad. And so very, very good.

Long shots. Craziness. Insanity. Spontaneity. And I will say, I think I could be a fan of Pittsburgh, of all places. Other great romances have Paris, Rome, the Empire State Building--- well, no matter what happens with him, more or nothing... we'll always have... Pittsburgh.

Your adventurous one,


The Pink Tutu said...

Wow how adventurous you are! What a fabulous first date story. Good luck with everything!

Maggie said...

P Tutu- thanks! I hope it goes well, too!

Anonymous said...

Ooo la la. Waht fun! Glad you had such a great time!


Farrago said...

Well? No excitement to tell of on the first date? Like, did you throw up in the sink?

Maggie said...

Patti- it was so much fun!

Farrago- I think the fact that he flew from Ireland via DC for 24 hours in Pittsburgh as total strangers... I think that's enough detailed excitement for you... and so much more pleasant than sink puke.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Well blast it all! This is exciting!!!! I cannot wait to see where your paths take you on this!!!
I'm tickled "pink" with excitement for you!