Monday, January 19, 2009

So, ya wanna be a writer?

If Anyone would like to participate in the Writing Nook this week, here are the new topics. I think these are so much kinder than last week's- which were really tough for me. I think these are going to be fun! Let me know if you write this week- I can link to your blog or publish your writing here with me!

Jan. 17 ~ Write about a time you found out about something you weren’t supposed to know.

Jan. 18 ~ “It was noon and nothing is concluded.”

Jan. 19 ~ Remember a sound

Jan. 20 ~ Look our your window; write what you see

Jan. 21 ~ Write about something you bought mail order

Jan. 22 ~ In the meantime……

Jan. 23 ~ Write a love letter. To anyone.

Remember the power of the pen,


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