Thursday, January 15, 2009

Childhood Flashback- A Day Moon

It was summer time, between my freshmen and sophomore year in high school. My mother was sitting on the sun porch reading a book. I was at the neighbor’s house, one house away, with my BFF (who isn't a BFF- I have no idea what happened to her...anyway!). We were on the front porch at her house, talking. It was hot, we were bored and trying to figure out what to do. We were listening to the radio and singing along, of course.

A car goes by, with the music blaring and a bunch of boys waved at us and drove on. We knew them from school and of course we immediately giggled, and started talking about them- they were a year old than me, in a grade above. They drove by again and again, circling the block. Each time they would wave or yell something at us. They weren’t being rude or gross- politically incorrect yeah, but no nasty name calling or asking for sexual favors. Just things like “hey baby” or “ooooo sexy” or “looking good”.

About the 5th or 6th time they passed, things were a little different. BFF and I had figured at some point they would stop and hang out- that was just what kids in our small town did. BUT… this time when they came by, they slowed down… and one of the boys mooned us! He hung his lily white butt out the window and mooned us, plain as day, in the middle of the afternoon. They sped up and took off.

BFF and I were speechless, then we about died laughing. We howled and laughed until the tears poured down our faces. Then my mother yelled at us to come over to her. We walked to my house, a whole 100 yards away, still giggling. She was curious to see if we could tell her what was so funny. She knew the boys had been driving by, she could see that, but she didn’t know about the mooning. As we started to tell her, here came the car of boys again. And once again, they MOONED us. This time my mom got a full view. All three of us were laughing hysterically. The car came around a third, and final, time. My mom had come out of the shadows of the sun porch and when the boys ‘dropped trou’, she was right there, applauding and laughing- BFF and I clapped too, giving them a standing ovation. The boys were caught and drove like a bat out of hell down the road, trying to get away, thinking they were busted since there was an adult there.

A day moon.- who wouldda thought?

White moon shining,



Zephyr Girl said...

Hi Friend,
Nice to read ur post....:-)
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Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to Bad Moon Rising. My very first concert....CCR


Maggie said...

Zephyr Girl- thank you for stopping by my blog- welcome. Hope you come again!

Patti- OMG- I wish I was quick enough on the draw because that would've been the best title ever! LOL

And CCR in concert- very very very cool.