Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hanging with friends, and a floral boardgame experience

I don't want this blog to turn into a "what I did today" agenda. Sometimes that happens, I realize, but I don't want it to be the overwhelming theme here. That being said, I've been doing some fun things of late, and spending time with family and friends are all part of my return. Almost like a healing...

Last weekend Mac, Daddy-O, Curley and I spent time hanging out. The guys went to a movie (Grand Torino and they said it was amazing. Mac told me that if I didn't like Clint Eastwood I was a Communist and should go live in Cuba... he's really good at being 15 years old!) and Curley and I went to a clothing shop that was going out of business- 40 to 90% off on all stuff and I got three much needed shirts. Living in the Wild West left my attire in my despair!

Yesterday was fun, too, because Hecate and I went to the Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne, IN. The theme of the winter garden display was "Clue"- you know, as in the board game? And this was one of my favorite all time games to play as a kid, and come to find out it was Hecate's favorite board game, too!!!

It was really cute. The main garden exhibit hall had "Clue rooms" set up and decorated: a Conservatory, a library, a dining room and the study. There were posters about each character (remember Col. Mustard, Prof. Plum, Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Miss Peacock, and Miss Scarlett?) scattered around and we had to read a little narrative to see if they characters had motives and alibis. The Conservatory provided little packets for use to write down clues, weapons, to make notes and sketch the major clue, a leaf found on Mr. Boddy. Of course, since Hecate and I both brilliant, we solved the case: Miss Peacock with the knife in the conservatory. We spent time enjoying all the floral displays. And we can't wait to go back in the spring and summer when the 2 outdoor gardens are open!

I wonder what she and I will get ourselves into next??????

Mysteriously yours,

Or was it really Hecate in the dining room with a candlestick?

Or maybe it could it be Maggie in the study with a rope?


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Maggie said...

Conanima- thanks for stopping!