Thursday, January 8, 2009

Made one laugh and one mad- not bad for a day's work

A long time ago in a lifetime, far far away, Hecate and I ate dinner at Cheddar's, where I proceeded to get rip roaring drunk on their super yummy margaritas which were the special that day. Peach- I think.

I was loud and obnoxious. I threw lettuce at people and on the floor. I made phone calls- drunk dialing. It was bad. I was bad. I cannot believe she didn't disown me on the spot. I can't believe we didn't get thrown out. I can't believe they let us back in last weekend! Thank the goddess she was sober and smart. I would tell you more about that day... but I don't remember anything else- it's a little hazy.

So, fast forward to last week, and Hecate and I got together in North Civilization to chat books, eat and hit used bookstores, and maybe see a movie. Since I picked the eatery the first time we hung out, it was her turn this time- Cheddar's, her fav place as well as the scene of my past drunken crimes.

The waitress said there was a wanted Poster of me in the backroom because we told her of my previous drunken escapade because I refused to order a peach margarita that I really wanted and which was on special again, but I wanted to be functional for the rest of the day. And though we didn't get thrown out, we wondered if we were going to.

I ordered us an appetizer of onion rings, which were super yummy- light and flaky, with 2 dipping sauces. It looked so pretty when served- the presentation was fun- we deiced to take a picture of it. We arranged the table and I took some shots, sat back down and we proceeded to visit and laugh and have a good time. Until the manager came to our table.

I had not thrown one bit of food, I swear. Neither had Hecate! He kneels at our table and starts laughing. He said we managed to crack his bartender up with laughter because we whipped out a camera and took pictures of food, NOT each other. Us, being folks who like to take pictures, must looked like "well, duh, it was a great shot" on our faces, because he kept going on about it. So we told him about me living in the Wild West where we didn't have restaurants which worried about presentation. He laughed and moved on...

I finally took out my camera and tired to take pictures of Hecate, which she avoided and swore at me over, waving her finger. (And when she does that she scares me since she's a witch and I'm worried she's gonna accidentally put a spell on me or something very Charmed will happen and lightening will zing out that finger!)

We did have a fun time and the food was great and the company was even better! The chicken and shrimp with the pineapple pico de gallo was to die for!

Later in the day, we trolled some book stores and the mall. And then we settled in at Barnes and Noble for a good chat. I would like to say that in our defense, we are sort of loud talkers, me especially. But this was a NON quiet bookstore, in a MALL, with little KIDS running around, and teenagers being LOUD. This was not a library. And we weren't being rude to other people- we were just really into our own conversations. And people around us were talking out loud as they milled about. And if people heard us, we didn't really care, because it was a public place, after all. All that being said...

As we sat side by side in a conversational grouping of 4, we chatted. At first there was a teenager and some older guy sitting across from us. We talked and told each other funny stories- and Hecate had me rolling with laughter over stories about her kids (Toilet seat of death!), especially her son. We just... chatted and we were being us. The older guy leaves and we both figure out that he was listening to us the entire time, to the point where he held his cell phone to his face and faked a conversation, in which he never said a word, so he could stay longer to listen, and laugh. I wonder if he was recording us on his phone?!?

So the eavesdropping guy was replaced by another old guy, who was the father of the teenage boy who was still sitting there, doing his thing. About this time, I get on a roll about the future which leads me to make a comment about if my shrew of a grandmother would die and leave me money, I wouldn't have to find a job and could go back to school. Which got me on a tangent about the shrew of a grandmother. Hecate and I giggled over it. Yes, I know what I said was horrible and mortifying to a total stranger but Hecate knew the down and dirty details of the horrible-ness of said grandmother. Suddenly the old guy says to his son, "Are you ready to go?" And the kid said yeah and got his stuff. The old guy said , "We might as well since it's too loud to read here anyway" and as they walk away he says really loudly, "Shrew of a grandmother indeed" and then we couldn't hear the rest of it. Well- OMG- Hecate and I look at each other and then burst into hysterical giggles like the inner 13 year girls we are. And we proceed to make fun of him. And then we proceeded to go on the other side of the store and look over our shoulders in case he sent the Barnes and Noble police after us.

It was funny, though...

So even though we didn't get make a scene at Cheddar's we did manage to make a small one somewhere else... Hecate and I are going together to paint pottery this weekend- I wonder what will happen there?

Big loud mouth girl even when sober,

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Hecate said...

OMG, that guy was so pissy. Show me where it says you have to be quiet in a bookstore! It's not a library. I thought his comment was so uncalled for. It was still funny though. I came home and told my hubby and he said, "did the guy think you were in a library"?

See he got it!