Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorites- a meme on a Friday

1. Political show:
None of them- I don't watch because they frustrate me

2. Picnic food:
I don't like picnics because of bugs, because it means being outside and it's usually hot. Now I do love fried chicken and potato salad- traditional picnic fare- inSIDE

3. Mixed drink:
Cosmos or strawberry margaritas

4. U.S. President:
Well..... Clinton, but I have a feeling it could become Obama

5. Kind of student to teach:
Polite, respectful, who does their work and tries without complaining

6. Hobby you do or wish you still did:
I like quilting and blogging. Reading and scrapbooking are hobbies I do as well.

7. Sports commentator:
Bob Costas

8. Sport to watch on TV:

9. Animal to have as a pet:
I have no pets and don't really want any.

10. Halloween costume you have worn:

Oh, I was Captn Hook once upon a time. I was also a gypsy and another year I was a witch. I was also Isis when I was little.

11. Kind of dessert:
Peach pie, chocolate cake, sugar cream pie, danish

12. Comic strip:
I don't usually read but I still love Peanuts

13. Ice cream flavor:
Cherry Garcia, Phish Phood, and Mint Chocolate Chip

14. News source:

15. Vacation spot:
I haven't been in a vacation since 2001. But I'm planning one now and I can't decide where to go- maybe a cruise or maybe to CA or TX. I can afford Maine and Nantucket this time of year, so who knows?

16. Wine:
Sweet like kool-aid. I mean sweet! and Cheap so I go with a nice Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot or Sunshine blend- screw cap and $3.49 a bottle

17. Way to waste time instead of working:
Internet and reading and napping

18. Reality show:
This year I think I'm going to try and watch American Idol. I've watched the first 2 shows so I'll see what happens. Is it always 2 hours, though? I used to like the Amazing Race but I sort of just stopped watching it...

19. Children’s movie:
Beauty and the Beast

20. Celebrity you wish would retire:
Tom Cruise- I hate him.


Anonymous said...

I wish Tome Cruise would retire too. And Brad Pitt. I never have seen a movie that they we good in.

Short cruises are nice. I would like to go to Bremuda. I was also looking into a river cruise.

Have a good weekend!!


Jimmie Earl said...

Maybe you and Anon should go on that cruise together. The TX trip would be cheaper, and I can guarantee you would have a good time. If you go there, you have to go to "Babe's" to eat!

Maggie said...

Patti- While I'm not a HUGE Brad Pitt fan (and I think the Brangelia thing is STUPID) I have enjoyed him in "Legends of the Fall", one of my fav movies ever- Wild West et al... and I like "A River runs through it"- could also me my Wild West Influence... hmmm, I'm seeing a pattern here.

I also liked him in "Oceans 11" and "Interviews with a Vampire" but those are all going back a ways...

Tom Cruise sucks.

I might take Mac with me if I go on a cruise. I think we could have a good time... I was thinking of a 7 day one.

JE- am still undecided and I think it would be awesome to visit US/AP since I never have!

The W.O.W. factor said...

OH...I loved "A River Runs Through it" too!
I hear TC's new "Valkyrie" movie is great and one can ignore he is Tom.
Now, I know why you don't like picnics, Maggie, it's because you might have to pee and won't use an outhouse or a 'friendly bush'! :)

Maggie said...

Hey WOW- Mac wants to see VALKYRIE and I finally said I would take him so it's good to know I can ignore TC.

And you so have it right as to another reason why I won't picnic! ;)