Sunday, January 18, 2009

Satchels & Shoes- these were supposed to be purple suede pumps but...

So my friend Curley, Daddy-O, and I went shopping and I wanted purple suede pumps. I have several outfits that purple suede pumps would be the perfect shoe to wear, but I couldn't find any. We looked high and low to no avail. Finally Curley and I went in the lat shoe store of the day; Daddy-O waited in the car. And I found these instead. I just couldn't resist! And I do have quite a few outfits these go with as well- I mean, black and white goes with just about everything! So I guess these are my "supposed to be purple suede pumps" shoes. I love the black and white, like high heeled "Spats" worn by Gangsters during the Roaring 20's, or most notably called Spectator Pumps for women, which have gone in and out of popularity since the 1950s. And I think the black silk ribbon for laces are just adorable!

(See the ribbon laces in this close up?)

Oh and the bag... another Liz Claiborne, in the basic black, of course. I'm a firm believer that a woman can never have enough black bags.

In Shoes We Trust,


D-nice said...

OMG I LOVE these shoes! I actually wanted brown ones like them for my wedding! Love them!!!

Maggie said...

DNice- thanks! and they would've been perfect with your dress- in brown and black of course! I thought these we lots of fun, for sure! Can't wait to wear them somewhere!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Ok, Maggie...what number is this pair-uhm...104?
They are very, very cute! I hope you have a time & place soon, to show them off!