Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Year of the Ox celebration very American

Since last night was the Chinese New Year, I managed to talk my family into going out for dinner at the local Asian buffet, where you can get a combination of Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian foods. I really wanted to go to Chicago to Chinatown for a real celebration but alas, after a drive to Pittsburgh I thought I should stay put. So, Asian Buffet it was.

I had a nice time with the family. We all passed The Divine Ms. K around and she was as cute as a button and pleasant as can be. She makes me laugh with her smiles. And she was teaching and grabbing for things on the table, which was something new. She's getting to be such a big girl! And then Mac held her. We had teased him off and on all night because everyone else had held her but him so when he finally held her she puked all over him, right down his arm and his leg. He said, "Did I mention I didn't really want to hold her?" And he laughed and wiped it all up. What a good kid.

Then Daddy-O and Mac started teasing me about getting married- which would be a miracle in and of itself. So the two of them started giving me native American Indian names- I have no idea why but here's what they came up with: Hunts Bear Alone, Woman Who Runs with No one, and Opens Casino Alone. All I know is that at one point we were reading our fortune cookies aloud, adding "in bed" to the end, and then next thing I knew I was at the end of the jokes.

And how did you celebrate the year of the Ox?

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