Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Writing Nook- What Lays on the Horizon

Here is my Writing Nook submission for the week. I'm not really happy with it. This week's topics were rough ones for me- not emotionally or anything of that vein, but I just couldn't get my "write" on and none of these inspired me to any extent.

As I re-read the following piece I wish I would've done something differently like taken a "land pirate" sort of perspective, or taken the quilt or fabric theme and woven throughout the work; I still may rework it, but this was the original submission I made to Hecate so I'm giving it to you in that form. The Topic was "write about the horizon."

The horizon has never been so important to me as it has the last few months. Before I moved from the Wild West I would drive out in the prairies and gaze upon the horizon. I could see forever- literally forever. There were never trees, barns, or buildings. Just land and sky as far as the eye can see, creating almost a mystical illusion. I could see the different layers of the land, different textures created by natures, looking like the shelves in a fabric store. The vast richness of the land rolls forever with no apparent ending. It’s always been calming and soothing. The sky and land merged into one, making a beautiful earthen blanket.

Now that I live in Civilization again the horizon is a whole new and different creature. At first I was feeling claustrophobic, but that all changed last weekend. I went for a drive and it was beautiful. The snow was falling and as far as my eye could see was a line of trees. A bright red barn in the distance stood strong and tall against the elements. The broken remnants of corn peeked through the snow. The smoke rolled from the chimney of the white clapboard farmhouse.

This Civilization horizon is different from that of the Wild West, but both are pleasant and wonderful. Both have their own magic and are comforting. Both feel like home.

Searching for beyond the horizon,



The W.O.W. factor said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
how one perceives it; how one allows it into the heart. I am glad you have had to chance to enjoy and find peace both in the "wilds" and where you are now at home.

Farrago said...

Hmmm. I expected you to be a bit more symbolic about the horizon, a bit more metaphoric: the horizon you gazed upon from your frustrated position in the Wild West; the horizon to the east beyond which lay home; the horizon as your future and which career fork-in-the-road you will follow.

Maybe the rules stated that you be more literal. I might've missed that.

Maggie said...

WOW- thank you very much! I appreciate your outlook!

Farrago- nope, no rules other than just the topic so thanks for pointing out the flaws!

phishez said...

Maggie that was great! Too many people don't pay attention to the horizon.