Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If I keep laughing like this I won't need an Ab Rocket

Daddy-O, Curley and I spent the day together yesterday and I haven't laughed this much in a loooooong time.

Curley likes to knit and crochet, my dad is an artist and card maker, and I like quilting and scrapbooking, so we had to go to Hobby Lobby and to a fabric store. We had a great time browsing and making fun of weird stuff, like a cannibal African Art sculpture riding a motorcycle- seriously, I mean really?

AND I got another PINK Christmas tree, like a Charlie Brown tree!!!!!!!!!!! It was 80% off so it was $5- and Daddy-O got it for me!!!!! I'm going to decorate it for Valentine's Day so I can leave it up longer! Did I mention it was pink?

Curley, Daddy-O and I laughed all day long, with one silly story or observation after another. They even indulged my need/ want/ desire for Starbucks! We ate at Fazolis. We laughed and laughed (even though I told an inappropriate story about penis pictures and said "shit" a few times in front of her!)

I also have a pattern for a skirt and Curley's gonna see if we can make one for me and maybe teach me how in the process and I could make several! It's a cute flippy skirt and will be perfect for the summer. With cute shoes, or even with flip flops!

To top it off, I even hung with Mac for a little bit. He and I grabbed a coffee and then made fun of people walking around the mall.

So, it was a great day. And I also want to say a special thanks to Curley and Daddy-O for spoiling me with the goodies- OMG, Curley got me shoe paper and sticky notes and a tiara headband!!!! With SE-quins!!!!!! (Pictures will be forthcoming!) and silly string- adore silly string, even though Daddy-O said I canNOT use it in the house or car!!!! And some other little goodies- thank you both! And thanks for such a fun day and being wonderful people


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