Friday, January 30, 2009

I forgot! Oooops!

Holy cow! I forgot to post the Writing Nook topics for this week! Guess I've had a lot on my mind! Here they are, better late than never!

  • Write about leaving
  • Shadows
  • Describe the Contents of someone's closet
  • Write about a used car
  • Write about "the sky you were born under"
  • The end of the day
  • "The first time I wore ____________"
Okay, there ya go, for anyone who is playing. Let me know in a comment if you write on one of these and I'll give you a link! Mine will be up tomorrow!

Forgetfully yours,


Lakeland Jo said...

I will write about a used car

Maggie said...

Jo- thanks for stopping by- welcome. And I'll be sure to link you!