Saturday, January 3, 2009

Year in review and preview

1. Drinking buddy of the year
Hmmmmmmmm, well... I usually drank alone... or with no one special...

2. Lifetime Service Award (longest friend)

3. Newcomer Award (newest friend)
Philsgirl!!!! WOW!!!

4. High Point of the Year
Daddy-O visiting me in the Wild West or moving back to Civilization...

5. Low Point of the Year
Mac dying his hair black, missing my friend D-Nice's wedding and not having a job since I moved back to Civilization

6. Best Holiday

7. Your Song for the Year
“Home” by Michael Buble

8. Movie of the Year
A tie — Mamma Mia and The Dark Knight.

9. Most Memorable Moment of the Year
Directing a school play in the Wild West with kids I hadn't worked with before- they were so FUNNY!

10. Best Laugh of the Year
There are good laughs almost everyday… I really can’t remember just one!

11. Whom did you spend Valentines with?
I don't do Valentine's Day...

12. Best Relationship
I was cultivating a great relationship with my students... and on a personal level, with my friend Philsgirl and Hecate... and more recently with my niece, Littlebit!!!

13. What were you for Halloween?
A modern day, Hippie Snow White- I even had 7 Dwarfs!

14. Restaurant of the Year
In Civilization I can eat at Casa's again- thank the goddess!

15. Book of the Year
The Other Boleyn Girl or Lucy

16. Best Decision Made This Year
I think it was moving back to Civilization, but I'll let you know...

17. What are your plans for next year?
Find a job, travel, get laid

18. TV Show of the Year
Grey's Anatomy

19. Most Loyal Friends
Hecate, Philsgirl, Bookqueen, and my family!

20. Biggest Change of the Year
Did I mention I moved across the country, 2000 miles, back home?

21. Biggest Influence Award
My former boss, HBIC, who showed me what I do NOT want to be

22. New Year’s Resolution
I refuse to make one because I have zero willpower and won't follow through

23. Things I’m looking forward to in 2009
Employment, insurance, living in the historic district, $$$$$, buying shit, sex

24. Things I hope to accomplish by the end of 2009
Employment, insurance, living in the historic district, $$$$$, buying shit, sex, travel

Meme-ly yours,

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