Sunday, January 25, 2009

Satchels & Shoes- I know they don't match

This little plaid bag was in my possession the whole time, and I had forgotten. For Christmas Daddy-O gave me some shoes that match this bag perfectly! I should have paired them together for a photo op, but I forgot about the bag. I was unpacking my boxes of purses and ran across this adorable little bag. I know it doesn't match the shoes I have featured today, but I thought the bag was just too fine to not show it all to you!

I love these copper colored and tweed heels. They have laces and even side zippers. Aren't they just so cute? They can dress up a pair of jeans of look fabulous with dress clothes, including my chocolate colored pants.

In Shoes We Trust,


Curley said...

These are the cutest shoes. hehe I wish I could still wear heels. The bag does match the other shoes really well.

phishez said...

That bag is cute. But those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!